Cheapest Heat Check collections

Which ones are the cheapest? I’m 339 tokens away from wilt and have none of the heat check collections locked. Also have 688k mt. Will that be enough to get him?

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Very bad time to buy. Heat check market is dry af.
Wait for a great moments drop


I believe the weekly heat check packs have finished up and no moments cards out so noones opening them. It might be dry for a week or so due to the 2k team probably on holidays.

I’ve been ripping HC packs. Easy profit

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It’s the easiest profit. Guaranteed


They’re def not profitable when no moments cards are in them…what u talkin bout Willis?

HC are profitable because supply is so low.


Oh nice. I stopped opening my free packs a month ago, so I think I have 4 sitting around. And a couple handfuls of HC cards in Inventory.

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What shall I do?

I’ll pull around 5 boxes for Christmas

Shall I wait for moments to drop so I can hope to pack some, sell them and buy other HC cards for low price

Or buy now, sell the duplicates or the high priced cards?

I think I answered my question myself

What I do is rip HC packs when moments are out and keep all of em. Because the price flutuates so much with them, I sell the cards that sell for at least 5k and above and hold the others for card count.

This is exactly what I’m doing now after snagging C. Webb.

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Thing is that I want to keep them. I want to lock sets cause my main objective is to get the most cards possible. If I pack an expensive moments card, I can sell it and buy tons of HC cards

Its actually the opposite since there is a low amount of them and no is pulling them.


I’m keeping them too. It’s just that some days a hose Calderon can go for 6k and some days he goes for 2 lol. If I see him at 2 ima keep him.

Same thing I do lol.

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Yea I see. I just want that Wilt badly :joy:

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If moments cards drop then everyones gonna open those packs so the price of heat checks come down regardless. If u do it now, u might make a bit off them. I doubt we will get moments cards till fridayish

I’ll wait till Friday then

If moments drop and prices of HC goes down, it’ll only be good for me

Ive locked in the whole heat check set so im only going to open couple boxes of the next throwbacks. And then do sig series/anniversary from there.

But i used that method of only opening heat checks and buy cheap cards i dont have…