Cheap snipes to go after?

Need to come up on some mt what’s your guys’ methods


No one shares methods man. Then they have more competition. I WAS flipping Nets/Bucks playbooks but that time has passed.


The best I can say is familiarize yourself with prices during the day and at night.

Like 4am est some cards dip in total number of cards on the AH. So like example there was a time where pd SGA was like 75/85 k during the day 2pm ish with about 10 or 12 cards up

At 4 am there is only 5 up and prices are like 90/100k bin

It ain’t really like that anymore but it still applies to certain cards

Ive made a killing off cards that have fluctuating prices and card availability

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idk how often they come up but i was looking at repicking up the heat 13 playbook since its unstoppable in my hands and i found one for 1600 mt. easy 8k right there

Lol i dont snipe but you expect ppl to tell their shit soo you can snipe their cards lmfao GG good luck

find cards that you think will be posted for sale frequently. know their market value and buy them for cheaper than their market value. then sell them for higher than you bought them for (> 10%).

unless your sniping GOs or high value PDs, u gotta figure out what you want to target for yourself

I’ve definitely noticed prices are higher on XBox with cards ending at 6-7am PT because there’s not many ending at all. Once like 9-10am hits they drop some.

Gotta buy the ebook to get the good filters

You playing ? :man_facepalming:t2:


Read my previous post. It should be very helpful

Sniping takes a lot of ground work before hand understanding the AH

The most important thing is time. You’ll have to pick between playing the game or playing the auction house because refreshing a few times will do nothing. Know that you won’t see shit in like 5-10 min unless you really luck out (and even if you do, it won’t be like that every time)

You could start out by giving yourself a set time on certain filters. You could do 1000 Heat Checks for 30 min and then do 1000 silvers or whatever… Then go to diamonds. Pink Diamonds. Maybe there’s a popular budget card that just dropped like Thon and you can try to scoop as many as you can for under 1500 cuz he’ll prolly be like 3500-4000 when he’s out of packs. I made a good profit on a bunch of Jeff Green’s I got for 950 or less. Waited till he was out of packs and luckily YouTubers continued to praise the card so of course ppl wanted it. Make some MT and get over 100k before you try for the big Galaxy Opals. Opals are the “rare with high profit” snipes. Highly competitive because ppl not only sniping to flip but to add to the squad. You could go a whole hour without seeing one, but the moment you get that BIN PG Giannis you will be happy lol.

Once you get used to it, you’re muscle memory will kick in too. It seems silly but knowing when to release the down button on the pad and press start without having to focus on the auction menu every time can be the difference in getting a snipe or not. Already having your eyes on the spot where the card will be could help you too. Your brain will need to distinguish in a millisecond whether it’s the same bid/buy or you got one of those fuck ass 67,950 bid / 100,000 buy ones where most ppl will accidently bid. It’s not the biggest deal, maybe you want to watch something else while you snipe. Try to keep your phone or laptop or whatever right next to your TV so you only have to move your eyes and not your head. Try sniping in off hours (like now) sometimes. Less snipes but less comp too.

Cards that lock in for something will usually hold value. The popular budget cards always make a nice flip but you have to wait a bit. Who are the YouTubers praising? Diamond Shoes are a flip. Diamond contacts or stacks. Certain jerseys. Sundays are sell days. Buy on pack days

I’m half asleep hope that helps


You deserve props for your post. Even though nothing new for me. :upside_down_face: But much more than the usual “nobody will share their filters with you”.

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The cheapest snipes are also the easiest ones. Buy something for 250mt, sell it for 300mt. That’s an easy 20mt profit