Cheap playbook with good 3pt plays?


Knicks? Raptors? Rockets


Said cheap


How much they cost?

Few thousand.

Knicks isn’t so cheap anymore. Not sure about other two.

Okay I’ll check them out when I get on

Raps book changed. Run mavs. Good book with good 3pt plays

For sf and sg?

If the players have 3pt plays then yes. There is some good fist plays that get open 3s as well

Just picked up mavs for 250 that good?

Thats great. I love the mavs book. Quick 3floppy is a simple play u can run for mullin. And if hes not open there is another guy that will come off another screen right after as well. Go to 2ku and just run plays. Get used to the book. Run some offline challenges/ domination to try the book out. There is a learning curve to learning plays. Put on all your play art in your settings so you can see the action that the play is calling for

Any play with the word quick is a 3pt play. Fist is a screen play. Give is a hand off. Punch is a play to get in the post. Some other names as well but those are the basics.

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Ok thanks!:+1: