Cheap/low overall teams

I used to run this squad and I would win most games but I was always playing against cheesy god squads

Now I run this team of rubies and I go up against similar or worse teams, I’ve played 3 games won 2 of them by more than 20 and the other by like 18, everyone on the team feels so much better now, josh Richardson for me in those 3 games is averaging 2.0 3pm and 2.0 3pa. I don’t know if high overall players are even worth it.


nice budget squad, let me know how harrington and beasley work for you, i need to try them for my thread. Sapphire Ross is amazing if you want more sapphire :smiley:

Al can’t create his own shot and Beasley can, but al is a better defender for me. Both have really good catch and shoot releases

Maybe Ross can replace Elgin how’s his dribbling

Hedo behind the back and hesi . i love his dribbling animation; Best Auctionable Players by Tier

I rate him as the best sapphire.

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Just saw ur list Reggie Lewis or Elgin or Ross at the 1

Tuff down to pref. I would say Lewis or ross. I would go with Ross because of his animations i like more than lewis. Lewis is nice but i dont like his hesi animation. But you might not even use them

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I’m hoping all star packs have some budget beasts like last year I loved dion

Yeah same i enjoy so much budget beasts, they will be some for sure

Al is undersized but seems to make everything in the paint for me, even when smothered. Good 3 point guy as well.

Not a fan of the Beasley card

the low end CNY cards are OP. Mudiay and Qi are great cards

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Totally agree. My immediate reaction the first time playing with those 2 cards was, “Holy crap, these are definitely NOT the early season emeralds.”