Cheap improvements

this is what I’m working with currently. Sitting on a baby stack of 250k MT and trying to figure out where I need to improve. I try to get as many points with my starters as possible and then try to create offense from defense with my bench. Just need some help from you pros here y’all never let me down. Who needs to go

Your line-up is fine man. I’d grab diamond AD though and sell the heat check one. also, since my bench is weaker (as is yours), I prefer running Carmelo off the bench for some offense.

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Honestly get rid of Kawhi and plug ruby sjax or darius miles


Yeah or that. Ruby stejax is an absolute bucket man.

Hmmm. How do you utilize Darius? I have a hard time scoring with him for some reason. Kawhi hits 3s so consistently for me

Hes a good ball handler but hes best on the transition. If you wanna hit 3’s with him youre gonna need a coach/ shoe that boosts 3’s but once you do his shot is easy enough to drain with.

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I hear nothing but good things bout him maybe I’ll give him another shot.

He is a BEAST in transition… I dont do much spot up with him but coming off a pin down he hits C&S 3s at like 80% for me cause his release is so nice. Underated in post D too. I run him at 4 sometimes to get over on slower 4

I was talking about Miles, I didnt mention that :laughing:

For me Miles is all about opportunistic dunking in transition and off cuts.

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U see thread title, click, see Granger, Griffin and close lol.

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Broke now lmfao

Try to find cheap Larry Bird with with shoe over Leonard.

Really? Isn’t he somewhat of a liability on defense? Also can he only wear converse or is it a visual glitch like most cards

I think only converse, cant remember, his D is pretty solid and his a sniper.

I have Larry Bird with white Nikes, he doesn’t miss!!