Cheap cards with diamond contracts

Everyone knows that the most efficient way in triple threat is to play guys with diamond contracts. With 2k releasing a beast of a card today in the vault, I spent a little while combing through cards of seasons past to see if I could nab a diamond or amethyst player with a D contract on the cheap. I found two cards that either the person who did this has billions of mt, doesn’t understand myteam, or is a loose cannon who clearly has not one fuck to give (mostly the second one) Here’s my haul from today:

Got this D Wade for just under 15k. Gold range added, shoes boost steal, perimeter d and lateral quickness. Quite a few badges upgraded to gold. Definitely gonna get my mt worth out of this guy.

This one blew my mind and I am convinced whoever did this was smoking crack. I got this card for 2,950 mt on a bid. Yes those are 3 point grinches. 2 added HOF badges, neither of them of the shooting variety. Deep hooks and trapper. The other 2 badges they added were rebound chaser and pogo stick. I don’t get it. I really wish I could strip the contract and shoes off to use. Bizarre.

So any weird lower level cards you’ve found with contract/shoes, post them! I’m curious as hell as to what other people have found in the dregs of the auction house.


10K :joy:


What filter would you even use? Seems so random

I was just in the collection and scrolling through random old cards individually.

Absurd lol


Yea bro I do this all the time but with grinches too. Grabbed Diamond JR, Diamond Yi, Diamond Glen Robinson, Diamond Rudy Fernandez(my Favorite), Ruby Rex Chapman, PD Penny. All either with Kobe shoe or contract from 5k-20k.

Nice grabs by the way


Not a diamond contract but I’ve been holding a ruby lilard with deep threes and dimer HOF I got for like 8k in like October


I love the cheap cards with extra hofs or diamond shoes/contracts.

I found a amy with hof range for 12k a few weeks ago :joy:

I like collecting these cards but can never find them with a contract and shoe

I love searching for rubies with wild badges. I have a Issac with three HOF badges and a Kevin Porter Jr with HOF clamps. A Mo Bamba with three good HOF badges, Thon with a trio of HOF badges too.

Of course, I accidentally put a HOF badge on my gold Ricky Rubio and another on my gold Myles Turner. Moral of the story: don’t try to badge your players after a beer or two cause it’s too easy to accidentally badge someone up!


Bro HOF clamps on KPJ no way?!! I have a badged up Kobe but nothing as essential as KPJ

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Yeahhhhhh, I’m not sure why someone did that! I’ve put it up for auction at 20k a few times but no takers. I’d keep him for myself but also snagged one with a diamond contract.

I usually search in AH before new season start, sometimes you’ll find low tier cards with diamont contract for dirt cheap. Back then I bought Amy Drose with dia contract for 5k, Amy Spida Mitchell with dia contract, dia shoes and extra HoF badge for 12k, amy Kareem with contract and extra 3 HoF badge for 10k, Diamond Bosh with diamond contract and shoes for 15k lol

I’ve actually got one with HOF Catch and Shoot but I’d rather have the Clamps version. Put him up again and if I’m able to get back on tonight I’ll snag him for 20K and sell mine. Does he have any other badges or a shoe?

Just picked up Amy Dino with diamond contract and HOF rebound chaser for 3k :ok_hand:t2:


Saw an Oscar with an extra 15 HOF badges for 99K. Took everything in me not to grab him just for the heck of it.

Just got diamond ak with diamond contract and shoe for 21K

Cheapest dia contracts going for 35K+

After searching for a while all I got was big baby David with a 3 pt shoe. He’s a beast for those that don’t know

Just now


I always look but never find anything, I think i try and find them too cheap, looking for rubies up to 5k hoping to find miracles