Cheap Budget Beasts

Cards (other than pink diamond) that are too good for their price:

Diamond Tier:
Kawhi Leonard
David Robinson
Hakeem Olajuwon
Paul George
Josh Smith
Bob Love (preferably open 3/contested 3 shoe)
Marc Gasol
Richie Guerin

Amy Tier:
Hedo Turkoglu
Eddie Jones
J.R Smith
Demarcus Cousins
Jimmy Butler
Draymond Green
Reggie Theus
Tom Gugliotta
Yi Jianlian

Ruby Tier:
Thurl Bailey
Mo Bamba
Rex Chapman
Stephen Jackson
Gerald Wallace
Josh Richardson
Al Harrington
Kristaps Porzingis
Darius Miles

Sapphire Tier:
Terrence Ross
Raef LaFrentz
Kevin Knox
Kyle Kuzma
Tracy McGrady
Lonzo Ball
Nicolas Batum

Emerald Tier:
Trevor Ariza
Zhou Qi
Emmanuel Mudiay

diamond Hakeem if you dont have the PD. Looks very similar to the PD (whos a beast) and is less than 20k. Diamond DRob too now that hes under 40k


Richie Guerin baby.


Amy jimmy butler still one of the better cards in the game.

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have to add:
ruby al harrington, a pf best at sf
ruby stephen jackson (copy of amy rudy gay (same animations incl jumper)) with better stats
ruby gerald wallace (still a great card)

PD Oden 37k not included men?!

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Pd oden and diamond kawhi, along with richie and drob are in tier 1 of value right now


No diamond PG13 or Josh Smith huh ?

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Fuck it. Games nearly dead. Emerald Nate McMillan is the best emerald in 2k history.

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How so ?

60 days to get Wes. Got him on day 1. Got Giannis, Wilt, Worthy. Nothing to play for at this point for me personally.

Not so much for everyone else though.

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Sapphire Tmac
Sapphire Ross

I reckon they will fix that timer once new month hits.

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Diamond Iggy should probably be on the list. I know ppl got bored with him months ago though with all these new cards.

Ruby Darius Miles still a beast

Amy Ben Simmons
Amy Rudy Gay

Ruby Eddie Jones
Ruby Kevin Knox
Ruby Mo Peterson
Ruby Wilt Chamberlain