Cheap Beef

Check out his stats, very comparable to PD Eaton.

This card gave my hakeem a bit of trouble imside. Good for his price thats for sure

Yah if you love to push people, drag them down to the mud this card for the price is a killer.

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Gotta the Dunkin Dutchman for 2.5k only good thing about the auction shit show for me. I’m not a fan of him in TTO but every other mode is a go.

What is his price actually? I have a lot of them piled up in my auctions.

The damn Auction House mess SCREWED me ROYALLY with this card AND the Fultz. Had about 15 of both of them up for a 500 starting bid for 12 hours and pretty much got between 650-1,000 for each one! :rage: Haha.

What are they really worth?

No idea. Maybe I’ll have a better understanding of their actual worth after I bang my head through my dry wall a few times from the frustration these servers cause me. Haha!

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Saw HTB Gaming playing with him in his budget squad, He is a defensive beast :innocent:

I swear he has base 11 or something similar. Mid range God w 95open mid

This card is better than Eaton on both ends lol

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yea and his jumper is a lot smoother

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He comes off the bench for me behind Opal Hakeem till I cam upgrade.

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For real? I freaking love Eaton for whatever reason, amy and PD both.

Twin towers with him and Yao is hilarious

I haven’t used him yet but so far he blocks shots like i have never seen before. I rather want my opp have Yao or Eaton instead of this man.

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