Cheap 3&D SG/SF who can hit open shots?

I am sick and tired of Bruce Bowen and Shane Battier shooting 27% and 28% mostly on wide open corner threes.
I want to get rid of them and get two defenders who can actually shoot.

My budget is limited to 15K max each, so no Jimmy Butler or Jaylen Brown. Gold clamps is a must.

I am considering grinding for Danny Green, that’s how desperate I am :joy:

Anyone tried sapphire Danuel House and ruby De’Andre Hunter?

Josh Richardson. easy. So good. I shoot 58% from 3 with him in like 60 Mtu games

Edit seeing you already have him lol


Danny Green doesn’t have range extender or quick draw. He’s outclassed now. Jimmy is a God if you can stretch the budget.

He’s a beast, my best player hands down after Spicy P

Try ruby Norman Powell. Can play defense. Decent 3 ball and can attack off the dribble

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Does another player like Josh Rich exist? One that can shoot and clamp… And drive too

What about the moments OG?

He’s 80K on PS4, way too much and I need to buy two…

He is good if you Just want someone who can shoot 3s. He is nice for lower overalls.

I like him tbh. But his badges aren’t great on defense BUT he plays better than his badging shows

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Diamond Wilkes is quite all around, not the best shooter, but hof clamps and still good driving

Try Brian winters Amy. He actually really fucking good for me I ran him. A LOT


Can also try ruby DeAndre hunter he also got great defense and a good 3 ball. A 3/4

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Or ruby oubre is actually REALLY GOOD

hunter, winters and oubre play much better than their tiers suggest

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And what about Amy pierce…

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He is very budget too. Since he keeps getting given out for free lol

Evo Iguodala man, once he gets to Amy he’s a fast break scoring machine with clamps. He also has an awesome shot release that’s so easy to green

I have not tried Evo Michael Cooper online, but for whatever he is (like 1900 MT or sth?), he is a defensive beast. His offense is pretty nice too; not sure about his 3 ball but I am yet to Evo him up anyway.

How the heck do you get him to Amy though? I have him at SF and he gets 1 rebound (out of the 300 he needs) per game. I am at like 80 lol.

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I don’t have the time nor the will to evo Iguodala past sapphire haha

Make him your tallest player in triple threat offline. Boards will come fast

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