Chasing AK-47, And Divesting, The Fussy Way

Anyone else remember back to 2K17 and there being at least a couple spreadsheets some maniacs used, to track every single card that was in MyTeam, for Collector Count Rewards?

Anyone know of any existing for 2K19 MyTeam? I was thinking it could be helpful when spamming bids on auctions, and of course to help determine sell-back prices in conjunction with manually checking prices on the AH.

Last night, I started with 520-something cards and bought about 100 overnight. Almost entirely Team Items that I bought for 250-350 MT. Going to try to see how far I can get with really cheap 500MT and under purchases.

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I have my own track sheet of cards I have/had, and due to hoarding I’ve pretty much got all the cards covered. I could probs use this as a foundation to compiling a list, though I’d need a bit of time

the yellow marker on the cards they added is super helpful for keeping track so a spreadsheet isnt necessary.

As for sell back prices, you can generally just write down in general what you got different types of cards for. I basically got 95% of jerseys for 650 or less during one of the crashes and then sold most of them for 1k when market recovered. I probably lost MT by not checking the list price of every single one but I still made profit and saved a ton of time.

This is also how I pretty much did it too and it’s defs possible, just a fair grind. Just take advantage of the crashes as much as you can. There were only a few cards I paid more than I wanted to for, but also a few I just wanted to haha

This is the most ‘Harry’ thread title I’ve ever seen


The check is very useful but it has limits.

Because I was only at 500-600, I was using very broad search filters and if you buy or bid on a card “early” in the results, the checkmark remains, later in the results. So you at least have to exit out of the search and clear the AH results…or wait for the auction to close, if a bid.

To track properly, need to have a spreadsheet/list.

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Yeah, I need to get a ton of stuff for under 1K each, otherwise I’m going to have to sell stuff to complete the 1250.

You have the right idea making a list. It helped the 2k17 Grant Hill grind be a little easier.

I noticed, or think I did, that 2K totally fucked some shit up like there are historic Arenas that do not show up if you search under the team. Have to search without a Team filter, so it’s just fucking endless scrolling…with this new snail’s pace speed.

Just writing about this is pissing me off so much I almost want to say fuck it all and not go after AK-47. RIP Thread.


This literally did my fucking head in! Like how hard is it to make Heat arenas show up under the Heat tab?

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Harry, let me give you the advice that you dont need a spreadsheet for the 1,250 mark aka AK47. For AK you can concentrate on all the cheap items, no silvers, no premium. Filter on all the team items, 500-600 global and HC. You can collect the current and upcoming historics for super cheap and always buy moments during release. You will reach AK in no time and will most likely not even lose much MT since you will stumble over one or the other snipe.


:point_up_2::point_up_2: Nailed it

The misc tab is AK’s bff. Also if you have done schedules you can hold onto those FA cards. They work towards the count


How many cards are u starting from? I’m contemplating making the same plunge

Bid sniping is key Harry. Especially because of that glitch. I scrolled through all team items with and auction ending in 10min or less and set my max bid filter to 1000.

In fact I am certain I got to 1000 cards just by setting my max bid filter to 1000 for both players and team items


With the misc items (especially jerseys) just do home jerseys max bid 20k max bin let’s says 600 and then go through every team and get what you need. Then do the same for away jerseys. As you get towards the end of collecting all jerseys, do it again and raise the max bin to 700 etc. Do the same with coaches and other team related items.


Ah, okay. This is very reassuring. I really did not want to be buying shit like Current Silvers, much less anything more expensive.

I have made it a point to buy basically every single Throwback or Moments card that is 5K and under at release, and some above that. I think I have the last 6 - 8 Throwbacks complete except for the Token Rewards player, for example.

All Current EM / SA / RU can be had “for free,” and I think I probably have 2/3rds or more right now. But only maybe something like 20-25 Bronze. Very few Heat Checks.

Cool, I’m encouraged. Still need to have a spreadsheet.

You underestimate how anal I am about not leaving MT on the table. It’s not rational.

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That said, if I can tend to buy cheap enough, then I could more readily live with blanket pricing. So…if I take longer and gain more through low bids.

Yeah just to add on this I only had to spend over 1500/card on my last 50 or so cards

Patience and timing goes a long way with the collector goals. I was able to pick up quite a few rare jerseys for cheap to help towards my count during the Gilbert release. I used roughly 250k to go from 550 cards to 1100. You will find there is a point that cards 350-750 mt will be much harder to obtain, especially when you are needing the final 150-200 cards. At this point, you will need to be extremely patient for snipes or find semi-decent priced HC cards. I’m about 160 cards away. I do have fantasy dom to complete and all-time. I should be very close without having to grind for more mt/cards.