Changing location to NZ to play early?

im seeing people tweet about flying to NZ tonight as a joke because they can change the timer to allow earlier access, how do you do that? anyone know?

When does it release in New Zealend tonight for the U.S.? Everyone has been asking about this wanted to know since I may try.

We don’t know even know for certain if that is going to work or not, some years it does, some it dosent.

Check the current time In NZ via Google? :cowboy_hat_face:


Yeah I should do that.

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So it will release 12 AM on Friday across the world?

That is correct, sir.

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Wow. Then you can play it a lot earlier if it works. Like roughly 15 hours early eastern time.

12AM Friday in NZ is 8AM Thursday ET

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Yeah will try tomorrow then

Come on guys, why don’t you just relax and enjoy this last day of “freedom” hanging up with your family/friends or doing some other stuff you’ll not have time for once the grind begins

Yeah this is true. In my case I have been spending lots of time with my family during this whole “quarantine” stage and only play around 2 hours of 2k for the whole day. I really don’t grind since I also try to equate my life with other things. You are right though we should be spending the time with our families and close people before we start.

Im just ready to see the early token rewards


You have to make a NZ account and buy the game from their PS store. You can’t just change location/time on your account.

Also your credit card will not work, so you need to buy NZ gift cards - a lot of work, not worth it. Especially with this shitty game.


For Madden you only needed to change location

I tried last year with 2k - doesn’t work.

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Will using VPN trick the game into thinking it’s a different timezone?

Always a few hidden gems, can’t wait to see a whole new market

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Hope this works, could literally play after I get home from work, otherwise would be long day till midnight :joy:

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im hoping too lol we shall see