Changes need to be made for MTU?

i think its time for me to take my beatings in MTU. Im done with the domination part, TToffline board 7 and played a lot of TTO the last 2 weeks.
my starting diamonds all got dia contracts + shoes. Baron is struggling against the likes of magic/big o but i love his animations. I should replace him but he is so much fun when you get his dribble moves down + he dunks a lot for me.

I have 500k to work with and was eyeing kobe for a while. his saph is a monster for me. Still waiting for a dia PG13 this year
anyone got some ideas for a change/ improvements? I never liked magic and big o in my lineups so im kinda looking for some out of the box PGs? If any…

which diamond reward do you like the most out of the ones you have? Im more than likely picking melo since its melo lol. im thinkin baron and rashard will be second and third but idk

I would blow everything on Blake Griffin and PD KAJ, move Peja to the starting lineup and start killing people.

i picked up baron first since i used the dia last year too + i used petrie for quite some time and just got bored oh him. i like my PGs slashing…
then i went for melo, as you said, cuz its melo. took me quite a while to get used to the fast release but once i stopped playing him like his last 2 teams, i started to understand how strong he really is

davis - melo - peja - rashard - scott < i tried out scott after magic/big o were released but im not feeling him him

davis, melo, dia kaj are my main TTO guys too

Is there really that big of a difference? im barely posting up with KAJ, which is almost a sin i know…
I used blake last year and was annoyed by his veeeeeery slow release, i might try him out tho when his price drops a bit

so melo’s your favorite then? I think ill love that melo card but was also looking at rashard and also that marcus camby card… Still trying to decide which cards to get. Personally think melo would be nice and rashard due to rashards shooting . but i need a better secondary to run at PF and thinkin of running melo at SG since he’s got decent speed and my SG is kinda lacking in it lol

i think i have two… baron and melo :slight_smile: you wont go wrong with the first 5 diamonds imo, just depends on what you need.

I’ve never tried the diamond, but the PD is a game changer. He’s so much more than posting up- defense, rebounding, fast breaks… Blake is a walking poster and can take other bigs off the dribble. Other than these two you could get Magic or Klay Thompson. These are the four best cards in the game not including rewards. I’d rather get a few game changers than spread my MT across a number of decent guys.

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aight, thank you for your input marek!
im gonna wait for new content first tho
in the meantime i might aswell just try my luck with the guys i have but im definately looking for a change soon

Blakes price wont drop

nah. Definitely not, even after the GO one is obtainable the card will be needed for GO CP3 so that Blake definitely wont drop in price

Lineup is looking like this

so, yesterday, i finally hit um MTU for the first time. Since the game came out i was on 5-0 mainly due to DCs…
so i load up and get matched with a full PD squad + GO CP, lost the game by 7 but i didnt get zigzagged or anything else. it was a fun game tbh…

so i thought… fuck it keep going, lets see who you get matched up with, who cares about the 5-1… i ended the night going 11-1 with that loss on the 6th game. i got matched up with different ovr squads going from endgame lineups to well rounded, mixed teams. no cheesefest or zigzaggin at all.

i have to say… been reading the pros and cons about MTU on this forum for a while now, took a lot of tips online and immediately noticed the effects. thanks for that! but on the other side, i got really hesitant to even try the mode because sometimes, reading the forumg, there dont seem to be normal sim players out there