Chance at free Invincible McGrady this weeks log in

Edited title to change from Shaq to McGrady to update


It says for a chance.

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Yeah, it’s a chance. So ain’t nobody landing on that shit. 3 tokens incoming.


zero chance of getting him lmao

I got excited at first but when I saw spin the wheel for a chance I had to look at screenshots of the last free login rewards and they said guaranteed, oh well 3 or 4 might get Shaq.

Lmao shaqs price won’t change in 7 days maybe 4 people globally will get shaq :joy:

99% chance to land on invisible Shaq.


Not going to get my Hope’s up. Even if they put shaq in three or 4 spots . That spin the wheel crap land where it want to anyway

Ok that wheel is rigged :laughing:

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Total after 3 weeks

Ofcourse Nate Archibald and the other dumb cards were guaranteed and the first good card on there is a chance… WHY ARE WE GOING BACKWARDS IT’S ALMOST AUGUST


So many panic sellers going to regret it. Last time I checked there were 25 Shaq’s posted within 6mins of seeing the wheel spin lol

Was thinking about this earlier. 2k are brilliant at being so fucking stingy all year that when they give us rewards at the end of the year that should be had throughout the year they get seen as ‘generous’ for giving out ‘free studd’ or the 'chance at a good card’s.

Locker codes like today’s with 100 tokens and a HOF badge should be shit we saw in November…


I’m gonna keep an eye on that cluster, haha

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Start bid sniping shortly @trala7

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Got a shaq for 157k with a diamond contract others were expiring with 137k good luck :+1:

Just snagged one for 134k @TheSlickPatriot

Didn’t even realise it had a diamond contract and 2 additional gold badges, noice

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Thanks for the tip guys, just managed to grab one for 120k. Not looking to sell as I needed a new C


You guys were very lucky…


What do you mean the whole 2k community would prefer a 6’1 pg with 2 hotzones in June than a 99 everything shaq :joy: