Challenges this year are so terrible

the challenge requirement itself is okay but the cpu is super juiced, i am playing the draft challenges AD went like steph and goes 8/8 3pm on me
luka calls screen and nail limitless 3s all day as well
fuck me i want to evo whilst doing these challenges but seems i need to put my best team on to do this shit

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Yeah, I think that in their infinite wisdom, the developers gave the CPU the same shooting sliders as the player gets on the easier difficulties; thus, making the easier difficulties more difficult. They’re just not that smart sometimes.


and they have 98398749823749872398479238 stamina

one question

when you finish XP challenges to get Blake, is there any reason to continue doing with them? (i mean rewards or similar)

Unfortunately not.

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I don’t bother doing the one off challenge games like the Flash 3 challenge. The amount of time and effort they take are not worth the 150XP, and the rewards are garbage as well.

Shouldn’t have to sweat in a pro challenge game

It wouldn’t have been that awful if it didn’t cost contracts. So every game turns sweaty, even against the cpu smh.
Not only you lose the game, you lose contracts and you lose money. Shouldn’t be the case

Ha Ha so I am not the only one. I regret doing any of these challenges due to the difficulty considering my highest card is a Diamond Cousins. One of the reasons why I am not even bothering with MT this year cause how do you beat these challenges using subpar ruby players playing against a super CPU that doesn’t miss shots? I tried to get better players by spending 200K VC on the draft packs and only got duplicates of the lower tier cards and I don’t care to waste time evolving. Game is rigged to spend money.