Challenges in unlimited mode

I think it’s nonsense. Either I’m chasing the W or the challenge. I don’t want to ruin my record by trying to get a 100exp challenge done. They should give us a casual 5v5 online mode. LIMITED at weekend and something else during the week. That would be a nice place to test your players, playbooks and do challenges.


it makes too much sense lol

Would love a casual 5 v 5 mode, 2 short min halves.

Its a good thing i don’t care about my unlimited record, so you’ll have to put up with me trying to get 15 FT attempts with a random player.

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Fuck Blake Griffin these challanges are OD, I’m out :joy:


I am enjoying the unlimited challenges with Mason and Kenon. Duncan 40 AST was pretty brutal but its easy enough to find terrible opponents. Put your challenge players on bench and bring em in when its a big lead


Love this. I’ve finally gotten good enough to be semi-competitive in Unlimited, but I keep losing since I have to force 3s with Danny Granger all game (for example).

I guess I’ll keep at it. My goal is to get to Level 40 and Blake early and then concentrate on actually winning in Unlimited late in the season. So dumb we have to choose though.

In the early leagues its not that hard to level up while u doing some challenges.
Btw u dont HAVE TO do the challenges, its a choice, and if u going to the top reward its help you if u face more casuals who are doing challenges…
Im 10-0 in this season with a tip off squad with Curry.8

Is danny good?

But the point is I think many of us aren’t as good as it sounds like you are.

Not really. Ok I guess. Sold him ASAP after completing the challenge though.

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Dang. I thought he could play a little defence and shoot.

I’m certainly going to take a loss tonight in my first unlimited game, as I’ll be rolling out a squad with emerald RJ, Andre Miller, Drew Gooden (OO), gold Luka and Duncan Robinson.

Hopefully I can knock out the majority of the challenges in the first game so I can bring in a proper lineup later


Yeah they are a pain in the ass. Specially if your opponent knows you are trying to do it and they’ll quit if they know they have no chance of winning the game so you don’t complete it. This community is hilarious bro I have Ewing and was trying to get Luka’s challenges done and even when I messaged them straight up I’ll give you the W just let me get this done as fast as I can they won’t do it. I’ll proceed to ignore the challenge and whoop their asses so next time they take the offer lol.

there are also too many similar challenges. Duncan Robinson and Luka the exact same challenge with assists, 25 for Luka and 40 for Robinson. Andre Miller also needs assists too

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Just surround him with sapphires and rubies with clamps, I did it in 2 games

you probably can get reach lvl 40 without any online game play. Just be patient and enjoy the game.