Challenge assistance

hey guys, how do you get blocks with alonzo mourning. anyone know a method on how to get blocks.

Stand out of bounds under the hoop(a little to the side to avoid a 3 second violation) so the CPU thinks they’re open and quickly swoop in when they attempt to go up. Works best against teams with inside centers and lower difficulty of course.

You can also play TT offline. Use Zo + two bronze PG’s or SG’s. When the CPU inbounds to their ball handler in the backcourt walk out of bounds with the defender so that the CPU has a clear path to the rim. Have Alonzo ready to block them when they get to the rim. Try not to get in front of the ball handler too soon with Alonzo or he might pull up for a jumper.

Also if you are bad at timing and you are using a good shot blocker than you can switch off of controlling Alonzo right when he is in position to reject someone so that the CPU does it for you.