great, just two days after I splurged 300 tokens on city jerseys … :man_facepalming:


I’m one game from AD… man how I hate Domination.

Are any of the Limited Option packs (season 1 or 2) worth the 200 tokens?

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No. Comparable cards on the auction house are like 10K or less. Wesley Person is under 2K

Not unless you’re 1 card away on collector rewards from a dark matter giannis

Thanks :pray::pray:

… and only if that DM Giannis is PG eligible!

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I need 3 centerpieces for Clyde and after that I need 4 more to finish this shit. I’ve got 2400 tokens and will have more in a week (from unlimited). 750 tokens for one is tempting…

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With 5 more players for the Collector level and 300 Tokens I can pretty much get Bargani, lock that division in and then have 1 Division left to lock in for Dr. J and Bird and finally finish this Trophy crap.

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started with 20 and got 8 this season - 6 from Trophy Case challenges, 1 from collection and 1 from Moments of the Week

5 cards away from 300 tokens collection reward, which would give me 750+ tokens for another one

at that point, I would only be missing 1 for Bird

Going for Dr. J too
I’m 4 teams away: Nets, Raptors, Knicks, and Sixers

My plan is to buy 1 centerpiece for tokens, get another one from the upcoming weekly challenges, and unfortunately I’m too far away from the collector rewards CP (~50 cards), so I guess I’m going to have to complete those godawful agendas to get the remaining 2.

I actually don’t hate the 3 multiplayer wins agenda, I lowkey think it’s kinda fun

But the fact that we have to complete all 14 objectives no matter how many trophies we already have - I don’t like it one bit

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Worth it over the agenda grind marathon tbh I already ripped 2 of em

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finally there!