Exactly. I started this season looking forward to grinding for Dr J ( and Bird), as I recently acquired Duncan. In the end it kills all desire to go toward that goal and frankly makes the game less fun. 2k needs to understand that other games exist. It would be an easy fix and if not so would playing Elden Ring and the plethora of other games on Xbox to put energy into. I guess time will tell.

I just recently started the game, I had completed 3 collections on my way to get AD. Heard they made it easier and was all excited, only to find out that you just have to go through and collect all the pieces you’ve already done in order to get a centerpiece. Bro cmon….the idea was there but the execution is so flawed

You guys can save up tokens for them too, or just wait. I’m sure there’ll be other ways to get em

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I hope there will be a fix. This has been my board since last month. Just needed centerpieces and series 1 lock in to get Dr. J. As an offline player, my goal from Sept was to achieve Dr J. A long grind cause I know how many centerpieces I can achieve per season just playing offline. I was hoping to finish in Season 5 to get Dr J. Sure I am late… but whatever that’s how I play this game… on my time! But today, the dipshits at Visual Concept changed the way we can obtain centerpieces after 4 months and 3 consecutive seasons which destroyed my entire goal from day 1? Now the only way to finish the East grind is to win 7x3 = 21 unlimited games with team specific squads? Nah. I am good as there is no need to waste anymore time on this game. Till they fix this… I am off the grind.


I can understand all you guys frustration. If you are there from day 1 and your goal was to complete trophy case and you coming close now and the only missing centerpieces are behind a wall now.

I just started the game in season 3 and completed only GO Anthony Davis because seemed to be the best GO. I will stop now and would like to give you the advice of also leaving this trophy case stuff because soon even Dr. J will not be a top SG in the game any more . The rest is not that great at this point anyway. But this is only one view and the other thing is your grind will be unfinished and it feels bad. :disappointed:


Just got my last available Centrepiece from the Collector Level for 1,100 cards. Want Jimmy Butler, going to have to knock out the Bucks agendas for Jennings. At least the Bucks have guys I can win with online. Could be worse I guess. Unless they make Centrepieces available some other way, I’ll take my Western Conference guys and Duncan and stop at Jimmy for now.

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I got Jimmy 3 days before the end of last season. Then finished of TT for another CP.
So I have all of West, AD, Timmy, Jimmy, 1 unused CP and 11 cards away for the 1100 CP. Which would give me 2 unused and 10 trophy cases at 7-10/15 (I think I could get them to 14/15 easily, I have 70 unopened packs including all the option pick 3 packs etc, but why would I do that low when I could sell them for 350mt anyways instead of using them as I have to re earn them anyway, woohoo)

Simple fix is they keep the agendas they have given is on S4, probably add in the CP/HOF for moments of the week but fill in the ones we already have completed in agendas.

Honestly for a new player with no trophy case players they are great but FILL IN THE ONES WE HAVE ALREADY!!! Not make us ‘re earn’ them for the CP. it’s crazy that the fix seems so simple.

Most of us here have grinded for 3 seasons to fill in the trophy case, gotten 75%-95% done and been told nope, if you haven’t ‘completed’ that set prior to S4, it’s wiped and you have to do all these menial tasks now to earn what you already had.


An are the opals better than the ones on the market?

I haven’t tried any of the TC ones yet. I still need one centerpiece for AD.

Are the DMs even better than Tatum and Zion?

Working the auction house to make it to 500k mt may be easier than getting one DM.

AD, Timmy and Dr J are still elite for sure. Even some of the PDs can still be run (Russ, Worthy) but they are def getting overtaken by the pack players, which is fine and was eventually expected. Heck even before this trophy case ‘update’ the flash forward set was out and at least 3-4 of them are comparable or better than AD/Timmy/Dr J.

It’s not the quality of the trophy case players, it is the fact we have spent 3 whole season grinding, working out the trophy system like its the glitched market and filing in pieces, to then all of it taken away instantly and being told, unless you have locked a CP in for that collection the other 14 pieces are worthless.

Think of it as working the AH for 3 days to get 500k to buy Zion, then when you have 490k, there is a patch that says, sorry you cannot buy Zion for 500k anymore but you can get him by grinding X amount of hours, including online / offline agendas even if you don’t want too.
Also that 490k you worked the AH for, yeah we are just taking that now, it’s worthless.

Then repeat for however many trophy players you have not 100% filled in the puzzle for (1 up to 30)


I am not really sure I agree that the trophy players are any better, and likely much worse, than the AH players. have the AD/Duncan set. I like Drexler and Westbrook, but there are way too many better other options for the other cards (some even are free reward cards) and even Drexler and Westbrook have better options if you want to spend the MT. Most of them just have too slow of a shot and, with a few notable exceptions, not wonderful defense. As the cards with quick releases are now more commonly being released, hopefully 2K will do what they did last year where they had evolves of the animations for certain cards.


I was able to finish the Nets up today and get the online wins requirement out of the way for the 76ers, so really just 2 centerpieces left to complete this thing finally for Dr. J/Bird. Let’s hope they let us choose a centerpiece for every Wednesday moments this season. :crossed_fingers:

I’m hoping for at least the same MoTW option pack that we got going forward. Only 1 away from completing the west.


they listened to you …

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Niiiiiiice. Hopefully they are easy :grinning:

So I’m only 17 weeks away from DM Bird who is gonna get wrecked by Tacko Fall, the headliner of some meme collection they’ll drop in February, good to know


Yeah it is stupid.

I will get AD with this one, and then I’m done with the Trophy Cases. Don’t have the time

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I don’t even know what to do - pick a HOF badge once I finish these challenges or a centerpiece. Then again, I’d like to get Bird for his agendas that award 5 HOF’s. I guess it’s still centerpieces for me for now. I think I need 9. Will get 2 soon and another 2 some time from collector level. So close yet so far.

I’m 2 away from Dr J, who I’ll definitely go for, but after that idk. The trophy cases have always been like my long term motivation, so I think after that MyTeam will be more on and off for me, depending on what they drop. Even just doing the MOTW challenges was part for the centerpiece and part for the 3 Trophy case card packs. Now that they’ve decreased the centerpiece opportunities I don’t see any value to getting 14/15 in the trophy case collections.

Welcome Doctor J!

I am especially happy because he was probably my favorite player growing up.

I started the season with all trophies except for 10 Centerpieces (5 East and 5 West – in September I started with West and moved to East after Drexler and AD, not the smartest move I know, but it is what it is).

Got 1 CP (Wizards) from collection and 4 CPs from the Trophy Challenges (Hornets, Heat, Magic, Hawks). I am now half way through this week Moments and half way through Mavericks.

I must say I was very disappointed when I saw the Trophy Challenges, but at the end of the day they are not that bad, especially since I figured out how to win the 3 online games: initially, I tried and put together the best possible team with 10 players from the relevant team, and I went 1-4. I then changed strategy and focused on the starting 5, with the two best players from the relevant team and 3 of my best players outside that team, and a bench with the lower possible ratings from the relevant team. This way, I would generally play against teams with an inferior starting 5, and most people would simply quit in Q1 or Q2 (if they persist, it is a bit of an issue because I have no bench, but it is still doable if one uses timeouts and plays the clock/defends as crazy in the second half). After the strategy switch, I went 11-2 (bear in mind, I am a mediocre player).

Beside the online wins, the other challenges are not that bad (the 15 TToff wins and the 5 CToff wins are a bit boring, but for example one of the Yi challenges requires 30 CToff wins anyway). As to points, rebounds etc I would simply player lock on one of the semi-pro 48 minutes challenges and let them sort it out while I do something else.

I am planning finishing East in the next week or so, let’s see!


Token market updated today. Centerpieces are back for 750 tokens.