Center Question

I’m looking to make an upgrade at Center and looking to spend 250k or less for an elite center. My heart wants Shaq, but would also be interested in Sabonis. I’m no money spent so this is a lot of MT for me to spend so I want to maximize the best deal possible. Will shaq drop below 250 you think?

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Sabonis has felt nerfed for me. Esp on defense and the glass. Loved him up until today.

The only chance for him to drop lower is when(or if) anniversary super packs come out


Sabonis was a beast for me the other night. He played better than limited Kareem. I’m curious if anyone knows what sabonis’ release is? Want to use it in myplayer in the future.
Ralph is a decent option for cheaper. He can stretch some and is 7’4.

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Pd Gilmore is a really good card if u are ok with no 3p bigs. His midrange is great too.

I’m totally fine with no 3 point at the center. I currently use PD Blake at Center but i just need more of an inside presence. Whats a good price for Gilmore? 200k?

Well i got mine around 140 yesterday, dunno current price :disappointed: