Center builds for Park/Pro-Am

There are a ton of improvements to post offense this year. Early videos of post scorers in takeover give me some hope that the post might be great again.

Glass Cleaners also got a big stat boost this year and might have the most valuable takeover for pro-am.

I’m having a tough time deciding how to build my first post player. These are the builds I’m trying to decide between:

  1. 7’1" Pure Post-Scorer
  2. 7’2" Glass Cleaner
  3. 6’11" Shot-Creating Post-Scorer
  4. 7’0" Athletic Finishing Post-Scorer

Anyone else going big to start?

Probably a 7’1 Defense-Rebounding built.

Might as well make em 7’3 max wingspan

PF 7ft max wing pure post

Not sure about height and weight yet. Don’t want to lose too much Speed and quickness. Max wingspan for sure. He won’t shoot anyway.
Any Input appreciated since i am pretty new to my career and pro am.

7’2" rebounding primary, athletic finisher secondary. A little bit shorter wing span to get better mid range. My 4th straight yr making a C.

Rebounding Rim-Protector is a great build for pro-am where it’s tough to get inside touches.

Going defense primary gives you a ton of great HoF badges:

Rebounding is a good secondary but every inch over 7" really hurts the athleticism. You could probably even go to 6’11" with mid-weight and still have enough strength to make life difficult inside.

It looks like your build won’t get big man contact dunks (max height is 7’0").

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You not gonna be fast either way. Just make him 7’3. 7’0 gets like 50 speed. 30 speed gonna keep up just gotta hang on and youll get dragged down court.