Celtics starting 5 all have diamonds now



Knew I should’ve sold my Amy Tatum last night!

Amy Tatum was basically ruby Tatum. This Tatum’s better. http://2kmtcentral.com/18/players/compare/9329/9296/9135


I mean, I want them all


Lot of options as a Celtics fan lol

I’m a Celtics fan, but these are a little crazy. 95s for each? SMH

PD LeBron soon I hope…

We will start seeing all celtics line ups real quick lol. They should all have a duo with each other if brad stevens is your coach haha

Welp there goes all my MT


Hope this means that more people will start playing the Celtics Multiplayer Moments Challenge more frequently now!

Am I missing any? You could include PD KG and diamond Allen I guess though they are cards from different teams.

@Mintberrycrnch Wake up bro :joy:

Still confused as to how Morris gets hof d stopper but horford doesnt. But I’ll take it lol

Marcus Smart has 5 hof and Kobe has 4. How Smart ! :eyes:

Hey Smart deserves those man he locks down. Not like Kobe ever excelled at anything basketball related :slight_smile:

He knocks down, himself :joy:

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I can’t tell which is best card of this bunch. Looks like maybe Tatum since he’s got good athleticism, dunking, and great shooting. Nice HOF badges too. Brown is quicker though, sort of like a Wilkins type of card

If only Brown or Tatum had floor general, Amy MJ would be bye-bye.