Celtics MyTeam Squad starting to look pretty nasty

Missing a dominant big man, though.


@508G37 should I blow my squad and go for this?

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Lineup looks sick but Id start Pierce at sg and bird at sf. Bird will prob get a duo with mchale so you should start him anyways

I don’t have most of these guys. lol

Would need to sell most of my squad. I haven’t totally given up on this year yet.

I was thinking about doing a Cs lineup but KG is too expensive and wouldnt feel right without him. Im going all in with my 170k for Magic and still havent won.

Still waiting on an amethyst/diamond Antoine walker

This made me laugh so uncontrollably

I loved 94 Walker from last year

I’m still dying hahahaha

This is the Celtics team I have for the PS4 tournament… it’s a fun lineup but alittle undersized and lack a true center… I missed a round of supermax so ended up missing out on Russell… so until they release Walton or Parish rebounding is a team effort

Not sure about the format/rules but! If it’s any help to you, don’t forget that Shaq did play for the Celtics for one year…