Celtics coach Ime Udoka

It seems Boston coach Ime Udoka has stepped in in. He’s accused of having a relationship with the female Celtics staffer.

He’s looking at a potential 1 year suspension.

I feel like this has to be a vendetta someone in the organization has against Ime. 1 year suspension for a consensual relationship? After a Finals trip? The celtics are such a joke

LOL my wife asked me breathlessly “Did you hear all this stuff about Nia Long having an affair with someone in the Celtics organization?!”

On one hand, one year suspension seems like a lot for what presumably was a consensual relationship. Not sure if in the corporate world such a situation would be handled like this, even if between a manager and a direct report.

On the other hand we still don’t know all the details. And I would not assume that the Celtics would voluntarily be much more strict than people would expect them to be.

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The man shouldnt get in no trouble for getting some cheeks especially some consensual cheeks. It aint like him and his homies went derrick rose mode. :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face: wasnt drose’s stuff dropped?

In a professional setting it’s a problem if a high ranking person gets into a personal relationship with someone they have professional authority over.

Relationships, especially extramarital affairs, often don’t go well. It’s super common for men with rank and money to see women ranked below them as a pool to hit on. Even when totally consensual it’s also really common for it to end and the man to fire or move the woman to some lesser role to get her away from him. Which is fucked up and I think illegal.

And it’s very common that men abuse rank in a way that is very much non consensual and predatory.

It’s the kind of abuse of power that allows a Robert Sarver to do whatever he likes. Or for former Mavs President Ussery being a serial sexual harasser for years.

Doesn’t mean Udoka did anything worse than breaking rules or cheating on his partner. But I bet there is more to this story than just violating rules about workplace relationships.

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But it seems pretty wild that Udoka is getting suspended by Celtics for close to same amount of time as the NBA suspended Sarver.

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That’s the issue for me. The length. I understand the power dynamic and how it’s a conflict of interest, but a full year just seems overkill. It kind of feels like they wanted to fire him without backlash and just needed a reason. I don’t think anybody expects him to return to being a head coach of a team he couldn’t work with for an entire season so they’ve effectively canned him as long as the interim guy isn’t a complete flop. There has to be something more to this. I’m interested to see if we get any anonymous player quotes on the whole situation

I feel the opposite. This is a coach that seemed to light a fire under the team and got them to the Finals, whereas even wunderkind Brad Stevens failed in that regard.

I hope that this situation is nothing more than Udoka breaking rules about workplace relationships (especially with a subordinate), but the length of it makes me suspect that it goes beyond that, and the Celtics are getting ahead of the situation. Giving him a 1 year suspension and hoping that it blunts calls for his firing.

Especially tough thing for the Celtics and Udoka is that Ainge hired Udoka’s top assistant to be head coach of the Jazz.

There has to be something more to this. I’m interested to see if we get any anonymous player quotes on the whole situation

I wouldn’t expect any players to talk about this, even anonymously, especially not Celtics. Unless some have some personal axe to grind with Udoka, but I’ve never read anything to suggest that anyone had problems with him last season.

EDIT: I think if it is “only” about breaking rules against workplace relationships, then the length of the suspension is less about the Celtics wanting to get rid of Udoka and more about Celtics ownership making sure that they don’t come across as an organization like the Suns shielding Sarver and Ussery using the Mavs as his playground.

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So pretty much he cant mess w no females that work for the celtics at all? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Maybe the Celtics will cite their Code of Conduct. But you definitely should not be messing with employees who fall within your chain of command. And if you’re as high-ranking in an org as a Head Coach is in an NBA franchise, you really shouldn’t be acting on any sexual or romantic aspirations with anyone in the organization.

I get why it happens. But it ultimately ends up being about laziness and lack of self-control. It’s not hard for an NBA head coach to find someone to fool around with. Udoka really only has to go home, since he’s married. But if their shit is open or he cheats on her, I don’t really give a shit. Sleep with a groupie or someone random or a sex worker. Whatever. Not someone whose career you can make profound impact upon on a whim.

I mean, I don’t really give a shit any which way, but I also am not crying for Udoka.

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Exactly. The implication of possible coercion is just too strong. She may have felt pressured due to his power. Obviously a smaller scale, but it’s Clinton/Lewinsky-esque.

There are relationships when there’s nothing actually wrong in that situation, but you can’t just expect to stop all the bad situations if you selectively allow the benign ones.

And yeah, when you look back at the affair between Clinton and Lewinsky, it’s crazy how much of a creep Clinton was. President of the United States and messing around with an intern almost 30 years younger, who was fucking crying on the phone with a co-worker because she thought he was in love with her.

Maybe the relationship Udoka had with the staffer was consensual but ended up being a bad situation and then a bad situation for the franchise. Maybe that’s why the suspension is so long. Shouldn’t judge Udoka so prematurely. I’m pretty curious to read more details. LOL, moralizing on this but there is definitely a :popcorn: aspect to it. Shame on me!

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Other aspect of this sort of stuff that is a problem is that it can put co-workers into a bad position.

Office affairs usually become open secrets and end up pressuring co-workers into lying to keep those secrets hidden. It’s fucked up for Udoka, for example, to put his staff into a position to lie for him, even by omission.


LOL@ Nia Long having an affair with a Celtics employee.

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That’s true and my rule of thumb has always been not to get involved with a woman I work with because nothing good will come from that.

From all that I have read, it appears the relationship was “consensual” but who knows the details.

They suspended him for the season which I thought was a bit over the top but I understand.

When youre in a high position with a company it’s just not a wise thing to do. I’ve been hearing it might have been with a VPs wife which might be plausible cause now as “payback” they are leaking all this. If it was just an intern or whatnot I feel like this would be much more in house. But who really knows, but at least it sounds like he didn’t do anything like irredeemable.