CE-34788-0 Error Ps4

Update your Ps4 as soon as you can, already got few losses thanks to this error. :sob: Update did not popped up auto so i had to check it in settings. Causes a crash when u start a game online.
Edit: Update did not solve it, Only happens in myteam games interestingly.

This error is still killing me in myteam and i believe it’s basically a networking issue, smthg related to Nat, Dns etc… Nothing really related in the support guide given above, especially for myteam. Just before the game starts, some data package is lost along the way and this error occurs.

I’m soooo tired of errors of this game this year, seriously.

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I got this twice yesterday for the first time. Idk why the sudden increase in this error

Yoooo I tho I was the only one, my games kept lagging, I was miss timing shots, running outta bounds, every game I played last night

You guys getting this error in the middle of the game or just when you just start a game ?
@anon12714763 @6thManSam

I thought i fixed it by changing my dns for a while but it’s still happening. This is surely smthg related to your connection to 2k servers, i’m so damn sure it’s not a Sony problem really.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, it might have just been me, lol, I just realized I was streaming the game on my roku while I was playing the game, but naw I never got a message, I did lose connection once but no error message

Anyone else ? Still no damn solution…

I haven’t been getting any error codes.

Just curious but why is this thread in the classified section ?

Cuz i opened it with a tiny phone and i have fat fingers :joy:

It is related to a lineup , prolly some new cards. I can play every game with my Lakers squad, I am trying to find which cards cause this error for me.

Oh lol

This is funny but 98 Kawhi seems to be the problem…
Whenever i include him in my lineup, game crashes at start lol. What a joke really.

If it really is a lineup thing it only can be some combination of team(s) surrounding Kawhi. Otherwise all players with Kawhi at PS4 would have this error and it would be a much more common error I think.

I dont have Kawhi but here should be some on the forum who have him and can run a sm game.

Latest update.

I’m still having this error with some card combinations and i can’t determine which. One thing i’m certain i can’t use diamond Pg13 and amy Zingis in my godsquad but i can use em in different squads.
So I sent a list of those cards to 2ksupport with supporting videos, they asked me to fill a bug report so they can pass it to developers. Also support gave me 100k mt for the inconvenience.
db18fc2c error kept me away from myteam for 3 weeks and now this error is annoying me a lot, basically i couldn’t play this mode for almost 2 months total time.
There is literally no reason for me to buy another 2k basketball game.

Possible solution: Try reducing the number of diamond shoed players in your lineup. I can’t seem to have more than 11.

Bro im CONSTANTLY dc’ing from this. Ive had the cable company out to the house 5 times. Cant figure it out. Opened a bunch of tickets w 2k support. They dont help. So annoying

Have u tried the thing i suggested above ? That seems to be my problem, fucking diamond shoes. What a game…

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Im in the middle of a game. Havent had a chance to read thru the comments. Soon as im done i will

I started this in mid May last year and here i’m again, around same time.
Same thing happens this year as well. I can’t believe it seriously :joy: What a company…

It was again a diamond shoe thing at first glance but now i believe it happens after your team passes some ‘overall stats ratings total’ Something like 55.000 perhaps.