Cavs V Celts

LBJ good lord what a start…

Yes but they can’t rely on him doing that the whole have

Look how well that worked for harden

True, but as long as he’s shooting 7/8 and nailing late shot clock fall away 3’s you give that man the darn ball! Haha

This Cavs team is seriously a bunch of bums… Lebrons playing some of the best basketball of his career and he won’t even come close to winning a championship cause no one on that team has the balls to step up.


Finally ESPN is giving Tyronn Lue the credit he deserves he’s one of the best coaches in the NBA image


You mean adding Rodney Hood wasn’t THE move to put them over the top???

Man i love this forum so much when lebron and the cavs lose. All the trolls go into hiding :p. gooooooooo celtics

Celtics in 3

Fly out of here on your broom. You can’t hate from outside the club if you can’t even get in.

Dont worry. All yall lebron and cavs fans will have a nimbus 2000 to fly away with soon enough. Celtics in 4. :))))))))

‘Y’all’ I’m a suns fan. I know my place and you should too.

Was that a Harry Potter joke??? I think your on the wrong forum… you want

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??? Sorry ? Im not allowed to post about the celtics ? I cant be a fan of more than one franchise ? Why are you coming at me like that ? Any reason. Because i havent ever had beef with you. Why you wanna start something ?

You go around insulting people who are apparently ‘trolls’ yet do the same shit you call others out for.

But you got the joke lol… like why are YOU coming at me too ? Any reason ? Calling a grown man who lives with his girl for 5 years a virgin? Does it make you feel better to talk down and be condescending towards people ???

Insulting ??? When ???

Dude you gotta chill out… it was a joke… if someone else made a nerdy reference I would have made the same joke to them.

Aight my bad. I just got the lewis cat on my ass about “insulting people” so i wasn’t sure. My apologies

Why we talking bout the Suns and Raptors. GOOO CELTICS. FUCK DIRTY ASS JR