Caution DO NOT DEAL with Oran_Nahman1 He is impostoring a Facebook seller!

@Bricksquad_740 is faking to be a Seller on facebook.

I just talked to the real guy on Facebook.



@2KGamer Please ban that fake guy.

here we go again lads

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at least its jusbro so hes good at finding these scammers


There was a thread where this dude wanted to buy millions I think? Banish his ass.

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no fair enough this is a warranted post but these ALWAYS go poorly

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These are done to protect the users on here. If the proof is just then there is nothing wrong with it. This guy was telling me he was this facebook seller on here 4 days ago, saying he wanted to buy from Suppliers. He might not have been trying to scam but using someone else’s name pretending to be them is just really wrong.

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you have a point. i agree with this threads purpose specifically but a couple weeks ago when the guy tried to get a ban since he didnt get sold to, the thread went wild

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I remember that. I commented on his 2nd thread when he posted again to buy from Suppliers only because he already had 1 up. This info kinda fell on my lap today so I had to let everyone know. I know what its like to deal with impostors. Its a pain.

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Been in contact with accounts, hopefully will have more info soon.

You tagged the wrong account


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Damn I did.

Just confirmed with the guy @Oran_Nahman is the facebook guy.

howmany times do I have to say this? don’t sell/buy with new members…

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I don’t think he has even bought from anyone yet but trying to impostor a guy is wrong even if he doesn’t scam.

I made it in his name because I was gonna make it for both of us to use , and he knows how to speak Israel so we could use it as a dual account. And a lot of Israel give good bulk prices.

I myself removed u from the Facebook group because I thought it was an impersonator if u. And I didn’t wanna have someone scammer under your name because your super legit

Also I bought from @Xema_93 @KingJames and others on here. Message me

I never had any problems with my transactions with him, we are actually commincate on his facebook

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Ok that’s all cool but you should not be pretending to be the real guy man. He didn’t even know or he wouldn’t have told me to post about it.

It’s not right. Make an account that is for yourself not trying to be the other guy. You’re that Valdez guy I’m assuming?


Yes that removed you from our Facebook group.

Please remove this and close this account.

And message me on Facebook.

N B4 :lock:

I smell :billed_cap: and a ban coming soon


I want this account banned.

It’s not in my name but the others admins name for the reason above.