CashNasty reveals the 2K19 Lakers Roster overalls on Instagram Story

Check out his IG story

Lonzo at 78 is surprising

Just put photos here or write it.

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It’s actually deserved, even he should’ve been lower, one of the worst shooters in the league, stat padder and missed almost a half of the season

78 too high. Should be a 73 tops

Nah 75 is fair, 78 is too high

Tatum Simmons Mitchell are all 87s lol

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That’s because they balled out and deserve those ratings

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Yes sir, I just find the rating difference funny between Lonzo and the other rooks. Thought 2k would kiss Lonzos ass a bit lol

If Ingram is an 80 zo At 78 is good

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I think everyone will get a little bump up. Paul George will prob be like a 92 or 93

Early gameplay videos already showing no improvements… ratings are inflated…

The main difference in 2K19 will be that they will find new ways to take your money


Where’s future GOAT Svi Mykhailiuk?


Even guys that hate Zo wouldn’t call him a stat padder. I’m gonna stay out of this thread. Start the fuckin season already!



Lonzo needs to be at least an 81

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Not buying that bs game and hope you don’t either and everyone else it’s a scam lol

Facts… if not for his rebounding/playmaking alone 2k :sleeping: :sleeping:

Lonzo isn’t good :sleeping:

Lol. Besides shooting he’s an above average rebounder, finisher at the rim, and borderline elite defender. His playmaking and court vision is already toward the top of the league and that was with subpar talent around him. I don’t think he has all time great potential like some people but he’s already good or great at everything except shooting so I would not say he is bad

That’s about right i guess. If I was just going off his rookie season stats I would say his attributes would look like this… What kind of rating would he be?
He’s only a 44% Freethrow shooter, bad fg% and 3% and 3rd lowest in the league from shots close mid and finishing contested shots. #1 in getting his shots blocked. He’s good in transition, playing passing lanes, decent rebounding. @MambaForever @Juicy_J_8787

What rating would you change?