Carmelo price drop

Why he only going for 310k

People expecting a locker code. Scoop him soon if you want him though

watch his Price when theyre releasing PD Pistol Codes :smiley:


We suppose to got 2 pd locker codes never got them Ronnie be trolling

Cowens still better for 300k

Ronnie made a mistake with that tweet, it was 2 diamonds not pds. And those 2 diamonds were released that day he said the pds were. It was confirmed he screwed up. The 2 diamonds were the last 2 tdih cards

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I main play tto so I use Kerr and the diamond melo do good for me I just wanted to know why the price was so low

I can see a Madness pack locker code, but a full fledged Melo code would be pretty unlikely.

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Cause of ronnies big mouth.

Madness pack trash get plenty on my board always get Rex Chapman😭

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Do you think 2k will really release melo code his price really low on Xbox could be nice profit if they don’t

I got a Jason Terry and Jay Williams from my mass TTO pack opening, yee-haw.


how much is melo now on xbox

You have nice breasts


Right now 263k with dm contract and orange cp3s 263k with 40mins left

I pulled JJ redick yesterday

Better luck then me congrats bro did you keep or sell

just a heads up, if you’re locking for big o. pick up pete and jimmer before their prices jump up

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i dont think well get a better melo card than this

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I’m only a melo away from getting the big o so hopefully they drop the locker code soon haha

I’m debating because I need MT and if anything I could repurchase him later.

Still on the fence so help would be nice haha