Carmelo Anthony Locker Code Waiting Thread


Last time Ronnie said that we were getting codes later it created one of the most legendary threads on this site. Here we go again…


INB4 lock


They did this to us 1000 times last year


Ronnie’s got dinner with Melo at 2am tonight, might get code after



First they have to go antique shopping for melos career.


Sapphire Melo Code Incoming

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are they doing something together like kat?


How I felt when Ronnie confirmed PD Melo Code


I got that same card when I got my madness pack. Can you imagine getting melo on this code and turn around and get another one when the other code come later.


Code with gold melo and sapphire melo. 2500 MT and PD melo in corners :joy:


do you still think prices of other cards of the set will increase a lot?


Corners is easy to hit, I always miss the 2nd from the corner.


Where you drop?


Yup he confirmed Melo in the corners… I’m like 50/50 with those… sure would love Melo tho


2 hours now.


Never trust what he say!!!


Fixed that for ya

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I don’t think it’s coming out. They hit that “including PD melo :eyes:” on the post of the madness packs.

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here before meltdown