Carmelo Anthony Jumpshot Fix?

Has anyone else noticed that Carmelo Anthony’s jump shot this year is completely different than last year? At least it is in myleague, I can’t speak for myteam.

Every year he’s had the same jump shot except this year he flails his legs out weirdly and his shot is slow and ugly.

I tried 2k19 to make sure I wasn’t bugging and I’m not…he’s jumper is trash this year.

Has anyone figured out a jumper that’s closer to last years for Melo?

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His shot last year got me a 12-0 by itself.

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His shot last year was way better


It’s a shame Carmelo changed his jumper in between 2k19 and 2k20

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Yup, can’t use him this year. Usually love his cards. Played over 1000 MTU games with his diamond last year.

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