Carmelo Anthony Doesnt Deserve To Be A HOFer

That is all.


Getting my popcorn ready! :joy:

I kind of agree, he will be though, especially as it is Basketball HOF, not NBA HOF.

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Yeah he will be. I definitely know that. He just doesnt deserve it.

People thought Phil Jackson was crazy when he drafted Porzingus & wanted to dump Melo.

Rank above or below bernard king?

Cant wait for all the melo apologist posters to be like BUT HES MADE 10 ALL STAR GAMES!!! as if that means anything lol

About the same but King had no knees.

Finally smthg we agree @YuBuuBuu

I always wonder, does arguing and making/trying to make a point gives you a stroke lol.

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I disagree, he probably deserves to be in HOF even just on his NBA career, let along College and Olympics). I just don’t consider him a superstar. There are plenty of guys who were stars but not superstars in the HOF (Mitch Richmond, Reggie Miller, Adrian Dantley, Chris Mullin…to name a few).

I think the threshold for being a Superstar as opposed to just a Star is a lot higher than for being in HOF. Superstar to me means making multiple 1st team All-NBA, consistently being top 5 in MVP voting and regularly going deep into the playoffs .


I think the real problem is that its just way too easy to get into the basketball HOF… I agree the people you listed should make it but they accomplished or were much better for longer than Melo.

Honestly, Melo has been bad for every year after his 1st or 2nd in New York. Actually New York had a better team without him than they did with him. Ray felton - Landry Fields - Gallinari - Wilson Chandler - Tyson Chandler - Amare was so much better. Melo has made every single team he has been on significantly worse, after his stint in NY. I mean can we really say that for any HOFer. I mean teams are literally paying him not to play. Hes absolutely awful. Jacob Goldsteins Win Projection model projects the rockets to win 3 more games without him.

Edit: There was one year in new york where they won 50+ games and made the playoffs. Forgot about that. Still that NYK stint was bad overall

@YuBuuBuu I agree fully. He is a very good player, but not a HOFer

I’m not a Melo fanboy…prob the opposite. But it’s not fair to judge his whole career based on the last few years. Melo made 10 all-star games…4 more than anyone on my list above. And he deserved probably all of them except his last one.

All star games mean nothing


Not just his last “few” years… It started in the 2013-14 season. His teams have been trash since then and hes been no better. So from 2013-2019 hes been bad. Thats over a 1/3rd of his career.

I know they get factored in but I dont think gold medals in the olympics should mean anything at all.

I get it though. Ill always be in the minority because Melo avg 20 pts a lot, made all star games, and won olympic gold metals. It just so happens that none of those things matter to me or show me a player is deserving of HOF

YuBuuBuu giving melo the glorified Glenn Robinson treatment lol


Melo definitely deserves to be in the hof he may not be considered a hof due to the lack of accolades in the nba but as far a basketball is concerned he’s one of the greatest Olympic players of all time. Also look at tmac he’s a hall of famer and all he has is scoring titles, if Tmac can make it for putting up empty stats and getting eliminated as well spending most of his years injured. If Tmac goes in melo is a sure in

I just think the Melo hate has gone a bit too far, with people overweighting his later years. He was probably overrated most of his career, but the bigger issue really seems to be with the threshold required to make it to the hall of fame. And if Richmond, Mullin and Miller are in…then Melo deserves to be in too.

PS: saying that all-star games mean nothing is crazy talk. It’s not all that matters, but it is one important item on a resume that also includes 12 seasons with a PER above 20. 10 all-star games doesnt just randomly happen…you have to be a very good player for a long time.

Stop it. The Olympics should not mean a damn thing. What does that prove? That he could be a good player on a team that is at least 5x better than any other team theyre playing against?