[CARLO221] Pd Ewing / Xp Grind ] !Sub !Twitter !Lockercode

I thought @YuBuuBuu was the greatest MyTeam player???


Yeah carlo why wont you answer me and play???

“You either die a hero or live long enough to become @dnttalktomeh



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You playing 21 at all??!

Need some buubuu Carlo tilts again 2k21 needs saving

Yup just got pierce yesterday and im grinding for curry

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U cop stockton yet? Man’s a demon badged up

Nah, no reason to waste the MT on him at the moment. PD Steph will be better and im done playing unlimited consistently until i get the Chef

I really don’t see that pd curry being able to slash like john

By the time steph is available they Gunna drop a big pg a week or two later

That steph a grind tho. Props for continuing. I saw that John and gave up lol.

Im sure there will be PGs who will be good but none of them will have the shooting or dribble moves that curry has. Hes a top 5 card right now as an amy and lowkey currys interior D is underrated, those 2 inches matter (thats what she said)