Carlo vs tydebo omg



damn i jinxed him smh

Unless it was worst thru the game, for Carlo to only lose by 9…against y’all self proclaimed god…telling lol


Even though he lost, mad props to him. He played super smart


Yeah he def giving the blueprint to beat Ty lol

You can tell Ty was shook

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Damn @Carlo221

Do us proud man :+1:


Great gameplan from Carlo to try and slow the game down and minimize passes.

Using a post centric offense was smart, but once Ty got the lead it made it hard for him to get back in the game.

bro he played a good ass game

i just wouldve chose different players then kawhi and giannis

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no cap watching it i was thinking i think i can compete with tydebo

im smart with passes rarely throw stevies

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What was the final

What’s the rules for the teams in this Tourney?

Ong Ty was getting triggered

Just gotta give that man his props. That play style is how you can compete with Ty. Plus he was greening everything I’m impressed w Carlo

carlo gotta stay composed bro he can win

Carlo aka black Kevin McHale :slightly_smiling_face:

Ty playstyle is a good percent focused on getting in those passing lanes and fast break points

Carlo eliminated all that. I think he might get it game 2 he just gotta get an early lead and hold it

I wonder if tydebo would take a $25 wager

i hear ty raging about hooks

cmon bro i fuck with you but hes not the one to complain about ANYTHING his whole game is broken meta


That’s what I’m saying he was complaining and shit like bruh you was calling screens every play :joy:

lmao great minds think alike i think you can compete with him as well bro

lmk if he takes that ill do one as well

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