Career Highlights Locker Code


Anyone got pic of the board? Just want tmac…

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Here you go


Holy crap this board is amazing.

I don’t need any of the GO’s (since I have both) so I’ll happily take Fox, Rozier, or TMac


Definitely an unpopular opinion but I feel Tmac might be the best career highlights card there is. Quite similar to the PD

Damn no Boykins :woozy_face:


1 middle spot between the two I have…still a W code though

No it’s definitely DBook by a longshot. This card is stupid good for a career highlights card

Btw I own DBook, Hayes and 7 other career highlights

I’m lowkey pissed that Mourning isn’t in this code.

This could would’ve been perfect for me if he was in instead of TMac

None of these are auctionable? If not I wish there was a way I could give away my ball drop to one of you!


I mean y’all can do the 2 ball drop glitch where you can enter this code for two times.

I’ve heard it works

It was patched 12 hours after we discovered it


Rage noises intensifies

It’s okay, totally not the end of the world.

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Got rozier. His stats look really good for a free pd

Only one I have is TMac. So I fully expect the ball to land in TMac.

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Ngl, I think I’ll be the only person on here who’ll be pissed if I land on GO Booker or GO Hayes

I’ll take any of the 3 however

Finally got Hayes!


I wanted him, but got Rozier, which is fine.

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Yeah Hayes is the best defensive player out of these cards