Cards you loved early in the cycle

I know we are in the last months of content, but this comment made me think about those first days in MyTeam back in September…

Bobby Jackson with 90 speed was the best card you could get to complete domination. Meyers Leonard was decent too

Sapphire Ricky Rubio, 6’4 PG with gold dimer and floor general. Tom Sanders! Great defender, couldn’t score a basket lmao

KC Jones was amazing on defense too. And I loved Paul Pressey!

And my favorite for TTO: Campy Russel. What a card! Loved his release when the difiiculty was absurd lmao. I remember people kicking my ass with World B. Free…

Those were really fun days


Diamond bird and hakeem I remember pulling them both that night :joy: the power creep is insanely fast this year it actually sucks

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bryon russell was a god and so was allan houston


Before the shot meter was fixed, Allan Houston taught many players how to shoot in 2K21 :joy:

That card was god early on


Jojo White, Amy Alan Houston, Amy D-Rose, Gus Williams

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Yeah the start of the game was awesome. I ran glitched john stockton with added HOF Clamps & Deep 3s for months.

There were also no centers who could reliably shoot for some time which made gameplay much different.


John Stockton and Deron Williams


Amy klay diamond Kidd ruby korver and Amy Diaw. I still have each of those cards and will use them occasionally in ttoff klay and diaw got more games than anyone and I’m actually a huge fan of out of position card as well. My diamond Kidd had 7 hof badges and all gold. The korver has multiple hofs too.

Lol I lost access to my PS4 after a week after game dropped so Emerald Bobby jackson and gold “myPlayer” were my gods who carried me through early domination. Speed kills :rofl:

Diamond Stockton & Diamond Monta feel like ancient relics of a generation before our time.

I wouldn’t be opposed if 2k went old school, like PS3/360 old school where they literally just had base players & you could only apply 3 normal badges to them. That was about as fun as MyTeam had ever been. 2k15 & 2k16 were pretty fun too.

But the power creep gets here quicker & quicker each year, it really questions your desire to even want to grind the game from September-December because you know those cards will be useless in a month.


john stockton and ruby rex back in late nov/dec were my leading scorers. loved both of the cards.

Diamond Monta Ellis was a freaking beast


Diamond Monta, Deron Williams, ruby Korver and ruby Gerald Green aka. G-Money!

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Amy Allan Houston was the only player i could hit a jumpshot with.

Diamond Zion was a GOD and PD Curry was level above any other player available at the time for months.

Ruby Nick Anderson. The most greens i had with one card…

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PD Bobby Jones was probably my favorite card this year. Amy Nick Van Exel singlehandedly got me through Historic domination. Amy RoCo was my starting 3 for a surprising amount of time

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Emerald daequan cook that card is a pure shooter he’s not that undersized on defense at 6’5 decent speed decent dunk animations

Ruby Kenny Smith was a killer for me also that Amy Karl Malone was nice I had one with 4 extra hofs early in the cycle

Dark matter monta Ellis would be interesting card