Cards we wanna see in the Spotlight Sims?

Now that we have the packs released today what cards are you hoping for in Spotlight Sims?

There’s a few Invincible cards that would make sense since they weren’t dropped as better cards in this pack release and likely that means they could get a better one in HOF sims

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I wouldn’t mind Larry Bird just like last year


Montrezel Harrell


That’s a very very strange choice


Len Bias and JaMachel Green

He has not gotten a card this year and is awesome


That’s what my main guess would have to be unless they go with Invincible MJ.

I’d be shocked at that though.
Larry makes most sense though

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was hoping for a free giant pg aka magic but it is not gonna happen now hes in pack
ofc i want pg giannis but thats never happening

98/exum based worthy or invincible pippen is my guess

Joel Przybilla.

Make it happen @6thManSam


Magic will likely get his best card next season in invincible card.
My guess is next season we see invincible DM Lebron as well and Giannis. Still no Yao though either.

Wilt needs one and bill russell.

Russell would make sense for the grind tbh.

my hopes is DM Oscar is the invincible card for dom next szn

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Cowens and Mchale. Would grind hours for those 2


Dino Raja

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Eddy Curry


Could see a GO CJ reward for the blazers

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I would like to not see spotlight sims

yea the thing about this is, we will never get what we want, thats why i never understood people crying for kobe, ofc 2k aint releasing him for free, this card alone legit can make half a million dollar for them worldwide LOL

it is going to be a name which everyone would know, but not pull packs for
oscar, worthy, pippen these guys make most sense
oscar would be nice, i just want 2k to release a semi big pg for free for once so people who dont wanna spend money will not be destroyed by ben simmons and giannis


GOAT Larry Bird again :heart_eyes:

Otherwise, I think we’ll get McHale again somehow, which would be brilliant

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Coaches as most of the spotlight players hardly make it to anyone’s team anyways. Riley, Rudy T, Mark Jackson, Del Harris, Red Auerbauch.


damn, that would be so nice as well
i tought 2k would make coaches the lv40 season reward one day but nah they say we gonna give you a card that arent even god tier anymore

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