Cards That Play Well For Everyone BUT You!

So I picked up the OOP Kevin Durant yesterday, shot around in freestyle for 20 min, played 5-8 games, and have never sold a card faster. I couldn’t green a shot to save my life with the card. He would score 11-15 points a game but from dunks and lucky whites lol

I know this card is LEGIT because I’ve been handed a 30 piece from the card before, but for whatever reason OOP Durant and I were not meant to be.

So leads me to the question: what cards play well for everyone else BUT you?


OOP Kirilenko and Glitched Tmac


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Tmac he is overrated




i had an underwhelming time with leap year tmac

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Opal spicy p


Lamelo. I could see why he’s seen as a top tier card from playing with him and I admit his defense was legit. But he didn’t mesh with my playstyle on offense much at all, he felt slow with the ball compared to my other cards and I wasn’t a huge fan of his release.


Takeover Giannis, plays slow for me
Lary Bird, just bricks too much too often.

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  1. Durant OOP
  2. Dino Opal
  3. Kawhi Opal

Lamelo. He’s so ass when i use him. I know he’s great but not when I’m the one using him

also any base 11 and beasley base players i really dislike those jumpers

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Have you tried using him like he’s Giannis? :joy:

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Pd wade

+1 for Shaq, both the Showtime and Glitched versions (haven’t tried the GOAT version so can’t speak for that card)

Nowhere near the quality of the likes of Embiid/Boogie/Sikma/Bosh, let alone the top tier guys

odom odom odom odom odom odom odom

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You are NOT alone on Durant. I could probably green more with Shaq! Maybe an exaggeration. Maybe not.


That’s actually who replaced OOP KD. Kawhi is just TOO good for me haha


Haha. That made me laugh so hard!

i love kd but his release didnt click for me until months after i first got the prime card

Any version ever of B-Roy.

He’s like carrots for me - I’ll try once a year to make sure, but it’s always…bleh.