Cards out of packs

Do they have any value?

For example, in 2 or 3 months, will the emerald and sapphire Flight School cards have additional value? How about Moments cards that are finished?

Only for card collection. Unless kemp gets a massive duo bosost

I’m sitting on a couple of McGrady’s, couple of Riders in my auctions. Just wondering whether I should wait a while and try and make some small profits on each

Yeah they will go up for ppl trying to get webber etc but not sure how much tho

I sold some of my korvers and Kenyon martin from high voltage for a decent amount, but don’t expect to make bank with them.

Throwback golds seems to be where the most appreciation are at this point. Collector level and token hunters appreciate those more. Had 2 Shawn Bradley’s that I sold for 18k each a couple of weeks ago, think he might be going for even more now.

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