Cards are cool, skills are moreso

I see a lot of people wanting to have best stuff out there. And that’s cool. Different strokes for different folks. For myself, i want to keep improving my gameplay, be it post game, iso, plays and etc. I want to mix stuff, i want to on ball as much as possible, i want to play natural point guards as much as possible and cheese as least as possible.

Cards are not some virtual value (unless you sell them and MT afterwards, but that’s whole different topic). You don’t need to have best cards out there and i just feel people put too much emphasis on cards rather then improving their own gameplay.

Now obviously you won’t be running people to the ground with worst lineup possible, but you get the point.


Still, won’t be using a Jameer… :cold_face:

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Its still fun owning players w GO Yao at the 3

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Ask some of the players in the all time ps4 tourney about my PD Jamal Murray. You can still do some crazy things with these middle of the pack cards vs the OP opals if you’re comfortable with them

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That’s the point even the PD’s and some Diamond are juiced.

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Bro he’s actually fun lol i won against all opal teams with my magic team :rofl:

Actually there are some diamonds that are even better than opals…

For me it’s diamond Paul Millsap - I can afford opals now and I tried all weekend to find an opal PF to replace him, I tried opal Webber, opal Moses, tons of pink diamond. He still outplays them all.

Only KG and AD opals are missing to try, these two are probably better, but still it’s a lot for a diamond.

If one is very good with a player he can do work even against cards that are much better on paper, that’s true.

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Recently stopped using defensive settings, start fighting over picks instead of switch all, calling my own plays, not offballing because you did it first, etc. Much more enjoyable, especially since everyone has competitive cards.


I still let amy simmons n diamond Wiggins get some run. I like having the worse team. Them dubs feel even better that way

Dropping off someone on TTO doing the heavy lifting with Diamond Isaiah Thomas is too satisfying

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KG is a must if you like Millsap…basically a 6’11” Millsap.

I was trying to get him, but he’s too expensive as of now… I have 35K and he was going around 60 yesterday

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Does he turn into an opal? I played with him on tto and he was just a 93

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I played TTO for several hours to get him yesterday. Luckily i hit a diamond contract and red Kyries to get me to 60 K.

Save up and grab him.

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I totally agree.

Only OOP I use is LeBron and PG and Kareem at PF just so I can fit the cards I want into my lineup

I always on ball, and as of late, I’ve been trying to incorporate more plays Quick 3 5out is what I’ve been trying to master with KD and Melo as the main shooters, and then the multiple options that come out of that play

Shot out of initial pick
Shot out of curl off second pick
Pass to the pick once they catch on and double the shooter
Come off the pick after the catch
Pass to the roller after the pick after the catch.

Want to learn to make the right reads on all of these

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Yeah you just gotta have PD Dwight but I don’t think duos work on TTO, Ill be streaming my magic team again later they’re fun af haha

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Ight I’ll try it out. Does he get 2 get takeovers or just 1? I got sharp with so I’m not mad if he doesn’t lol.

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The only way myteam would work properly is if they actually have real representations of each player and have a position lock for competitive play. They also need to have a better report system in place and ban players that need to cheat or “cheese” as you guys call it. it gets ridiculous when they have pink diamond players or Galaxy opal players that have no business with the stats that they have. It’s like 2k doesn’t do research . I just don’t like playing at arcade style game with centers shooting threes that only made two in their careers or dribble moves that are pulled off by players with no handles . It’s ridiculous.

Im actually not sure i did go on fire with him once but didn’t even think anything of it lol

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Yea I tried running him in tto. He shot is surprisingly easy to green. Even as an Ammy

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