Cards 2k still needs to drop

With the new batch clearing out the last few big names 2k had left 2k looks to be pretty much done with myteam content wise. I doubt we get another promo. Maybe another historic batch or two. What are the last few cards you guys see coming?

Pink Diamond Ben Simmons
Pink Diamond Steph Curry
Diamond Bill Walton
Diamond Nate Archibald
Diamond Elvin Hayes
Diamond Zach Randolph
Diamond Dave Cowens
Diamond Earl Monroe
Diamond George McGinnis
Amy David West
Amy Robert Parish
Amy Tom Heinsohn
Amy Chris Bosh
Amy Bill Russell
Amy Scottie Pippen
Amy Antoine Walker
Amy Rudy Gobert
Amy Robert Horry
Amy Derek Fisher
Ruby Steve Kerr
Ruby Michael Cooper

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where does this PD ben Simmons come from?

Next season reward

Elvin Hayes definitely needs an upgrade from ruby

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Or a pink-Diamond PG13. Any oversized SC that can speed boost and Shoot 3s will suffice (it’s just that most plausible ones are already taken; I think 2K is intentionally holding off on KD for a finals card, if they so choose to make a PD one).

No way a rookie get a PD.

Hes the only player who could bring hype for supermax season.

Lonzo already has

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Pullable Bill Russell
Diamond Reed
Amy Robert Horry
Michael Cooper
Ron Harper
Horace Grant


And still hoping for an amy Fisher.

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Got 'em.


Lonzo did

That was a vote…

MVP - PD, hard to say who it might be
DOY - PD, hopefully Anthony Davis
ROY - PD, Ben Simmons

I want an amy penny too and a ruby swaggy p

Maybe just diamond Simmons, Mitchell prob ROY.

Duo with embiid for PD

Swaggys gonna need a moment. Idk about Penny his diamond is from the Magic already and his ruby is already plays kinda close to the diamond.

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Amy/diamond Z-Bo


Pre-order for Walton.

amy myles turner for sure