Card that surpises you most so far?

Which card is ballin for you that you COMPLETLY did not expect to be this good ?

ruby Klay featuring D.Casey the purple.


That card is so solid. Even without defensive stopper he feels like a diamond lol

Tatum from the bench

Gerald Wallace.

I’ve stacked in last game of Fantasy Domination with my mostly sapphire/emerald team.
I played “right way” but they made most contested shots or made off rebounds.
I’ve lost 3times, was mad and then bought his card.
I won a game easy, with him dominate the defense.
It was so clearly noticeable…

Defense and defensive badges are a key…
He’s a reason that I thinking about spending this tokens to get Ruby Pippen.

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Kobe IS a beast

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I use Pip-Wallace-Rodman when i matchup with diamond squads lol.

How many sapphire’s you need to buy to go Ruby tier, 10 ?

Yeah he’s also a big suprise, at this time of the cycle he feels the same like his D/PD from last year’s game.

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Pippen is god. Him> Bernard King.

For me it’s sapphire Melo. Scoring wise he feels like an amethyst/low rated diamond. He is just a bit slow with the ball. Defense is on point because he is big enough to handle drives.

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PD Kobe, i mean saph Kobe

Bernard king fucking suck i can’t belive he is a 95 diamond… he feels like 80 at best

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actually echoing what others have said about defense, mine’s popovich. been playing much better with him than Kerr

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His a most terrible diamond ive used ever. Not a shooter, not a dunker, neither a defender with small player model and crockodile arms.

2nd sapphire Melo. I’m not a dribble god but his crossover is deadly his release is quick and there’s nothing he can’t do on offense.

Edit: added SWB shoes, Dantoni boosts and run him at the 4 with rim protector and hustle rebounder.

I gave him post spin and dropstepper at gold, he is unguardable at the 3 in the low post for now.
Only problem is that if the opp is offballing he can’t beat the defender off the dribble, since he’s a bit slow and cpu defense is Scottie Pippen on everyone this year…

Reward Majerle. Nobody talks about him as being one of the best in the ruby market but he’s easily the best imo. Stats are crazy good all around and he has great plays


I like Majerle a lot last year too. Just a solid 3 and D wing.

The Ruby market is pretty stacked with great wings this year. I’m using Pippen/Richmond/Eddie Jones in my starting lineup and I run a lot of plays through Majerle on my bench unit. I’ll probably grab Rider for my bench as well.

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Also goes without saying but Bird is a god