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If anyone interested to try out some new cards and yet are unsure what they can do, how good they’re and etc, this can be the place we share our opinions on what’s good and etc, let me start with the:

Moses Malone

Could not recommend this card more, absolute savage. Good height (to play at 4 or even 5 depending on matchup). Silky smooth (and fast) release. Can bully people down low with his insane bulk and huge player model.

Great handles can cross over people with great ball control and swb (swb shoe highly recommended).
He intercepts tons of passes can also swipe the ball out of guys hands np combined bruiser and pick pocket works great!

For the ongoing price (100-120k) this card is not only absolute bargain, but a must have!


brandon royGO
This card is godly
Great dribble moves easy release and imo on of the best if not the best catch and shoot god
He’s also great on defense he blocks so many shots surprisingly and locks down despite his size
Would definitely recommend if you need a spot up shooter or just a role player

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Pink diamond John Wall

If you’re like me and still like to run traditional point guards then I highly recommend this card. Quick and easy jumper to green. I’ve been knocking down a ton of off dribble 3s with him and step back 3s as well. Dribble moves are very good too. You can easily create a lot of space with him. Very good defense as well. Can hold his own against cards like Magic. Lastly his dunks. For me he dunks if he’s wide open but I have gotten a few posters with him.

I love having this card as my floor general. With how the market has been lately you could easily snipe one for under 20k. I’ve seen nobody talk about this card so I thought I’d share my experience with him


PD Derrick Coleman - This is budget Bob Pettit. His 3 ball, fades, and shimmy fades are money. He is post/sharp with white Kobes and D’Antoni (don’t know about other coaches or shoes). In the post, he has fast dunks where he barely gets off the ground, which makes him hard to block. Because of his big-ass head, he easily looks like a 7 footer in-game instead of 6-10. A couple months ago this card would’ve been 400K. If you run a budget squad give him a look at PF or even C.


I lose using his open body post stepback. It creates a ton of space.

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Diamond Reggie Lewis

As DBG has mentioned, they finally gave the goat HOF badging. He’s an incredible defender just lacks Hof badging but we all know his dunk animations paired with his beautiful release and leaner make him one of the best players in the game. You don’t have to take him out to dinner, just slap some foams on him and he’ll give you whatever you want. Never leaving my lineup.


I’m sold lmao.

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Pretty nice player model for Reggie Lewis. I use him too. Leaner is a layup? I’m spazzing rn. Forgot what a leaner really is

Moving jumper. Hedo and Reggie and AK have the smoothest ones I think

Moses is one of the best bargains in the game. Defensively GOATed at the 3 and 4. Smooth af in the post. Gets post takeover with basically all coach and shoe combos.

I’l put in a review for GO Arenas. A sleeper if you like running real point guards. Has maybe the fastest release in the game. Feels even faster than other base 11 players. HOF Dimer, limitless, Deep Deadeye, Ankle Breaker, and Pick pocket. Has great dribbles—can easily spam the Ambish shammgod and can do the Steezo mementum spin to behind the back combo. Is 6’3” but player model looks bulky and wide. On court he looks bigger than Oscar Robertson. He dunks on everyone—almost tries to dunk too much leading to dunks bouncing off the rim in traffic.

Overall an insanely fun card for dribbling and gunning, and can definitely run the offense as a playmaker.


Can’t agree more about Moses. I can’t seem to find a replacement for him. He does absolutely everything. If his name wasn’t Moses Malone… If it was AD or KG the card would go for 300k.