Card lost in the abyss?

So i bid on a kiki for 30k timer ran out. Showed no one else bid

I went to my active bids Card does the customary disappearing act. Thats fine. Should be in my auction outcomes right ?

WRONG. Cards gone

Been like this for 10 minutes…
I think i got fleeced by 2k…

I swear to god imma sell everything and say fuck giannis lol

Did you record? By the way is Kiki for around 30k bid now? I sniped one for 10k the other day and sold for 40k BIN last night. I was wondering if i could have gotten more.

Hes about 40k. Got lucky with a bid. Or thought i did lol

I didnt record it unfortunately. It doesnt matter though. I cant make a ticket lol

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how many cards do you have in ur outcomes? i had over 50 and no cards i bought would pop up

I have zero lol

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that’s tough.

i wouldn’t doubt it tho 2k has a mind of its own

I just bought another one. But i never got that mt back. Fuckin thieves

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