Card images not loading/stuck on loading screen

Anyone else have an issue where their cards won;t load and they can’t enter a game mode?

Ay ideas on how to fix it?

Restarting game/system

If restarting the game doesn’t work, I’ve been loading into mycareer and then going back to MyTEAM and it’s worked for me so far

I am having the same issue, were you able to find a fix?

I had the same problem on PS5 recently. Reinstalling the game helped.

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I had to end up deleting and reinstalling the game. It has worked so far.

Restarting the system and game didn’t do it for me and neither did loading up my career and going back into my team.

But you might want to try those options before deleting and reinstalling.

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I’ve had the a few times and reinstalled. The other solutions proposed here sound more appealing, and I’ve heard continually restarting can fix it. Good luck, it’s super frustrating

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