Card grading service question

First day i put a card to get graded and never got it back
I just put emerald rashard lewis to get graded and backed out
Thinking that backing out from graded service is the reason that i lost the card at first day
How i can get the cards back??
Does anybody know??

Go to the card grading service, and scroll to the right. Your card goes there as soon as you submit it, and you can see the time left too.


Yea this worked for me too lol they took Will Perdue from me for a few days I was big mad

I wasnt aware of this

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What exactly is the card grading thing?

If you don’t like the Grade can you ungrade it?

Card grading is an RNG system where you submit your cards and after about 2 hours you get them back with a grade. The grade just gets you an MT bonus. Not sure what the numbers on that look like.

No you can’t grade a card that’s been graded.