Card Grading MT Bonus?

Seems like the reason for paying the expense of getting a card graded is to get extra MT bonuses in gameplay when playing with graded cards.

For those of you who have graded a card and paid attention, I’m wondering:

  • How do the MT bonuses work? Is it a flat bonus, a multiplier of what MT that player generates for you in a game, a stacking multiplier for the team’s MT earned in a game…?

  • Does higher graded card mean higher MT bonus?

  • Does the grading expire or “wear out” at some point? Or does grading once mean that it earns bonus forever?

  • MT bonus for all MT earned in any game mode by/with that card?


Would love to know myself

From what I can tell it just adds a small percentage to the difficulty multiplier at the MT calculation screen post game

Ah, that would make sense.

If so, then it’s a whole team MT earnings multiplier/modifier, right? I messed up trying to take screen caps of a bunch of stuff last night so can’t check right now, but was the requirement of getting the graded bonus to use 5 graded cards? Or start 5 graded cards?

If so, then it could make sense to grade 5 cheap cards early for cycle-long use at the end of the bench for offline play.

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Yeah it’s for the whole team. And I don’t think there’s any kind of play 5 or start 5. You get the bonus for all the modes. The more you use, the more it adds to the multiplier.

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Ah, so a stacking small multiplier bonus.

Very interested in what the bonus is. Maybe something like 0.10X per card? Running 10 of them effectively doubling MT earned, before figuring in difficulty multiplier? So that multiplier would be 2.5X on All-Star, instead of 1.5X?

It depends on the grade of the card. And it’s not a big bonus. A 9 grade might be like a .005 addition to the multiplier. I just got my first 10. I’ll run a tt game with him in a minute and see what it adds. I’m not sure if card color factors into how much the bonus is either

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Oh fuck, 0.005 is peanuts, but I guess it was too much to hope that 2K would let one pay off the grading fee in less than some very high number of games.

Anyone know/remember the cost of grading?

I think prices started at 150 for a gold, 200 for emerald, and so forth.

Also in typical scummy 2k fashion, it appears they’ve lowered the mt multiplier per difficulty. I think rookie is now .5 and pro is .75. It’s absurd how anti consumer they are


I’ve tested some grades in tt to see what the multiplier increase is

Grade 10 the multiplier increase is .02
Grade 9.5 increases by .006
Grade 9 increases by .004

I used an emerald for the grade 10. If anyone gets a different result from a different gem color, please report your findings.


Sell high graded cards to people who dont know better yet😏

So let’s say someone always plays five 9-graded Golds, then the cost of that would be 750MT.

Let’s say that one gets average 750MT in a played game, then .004 multiplier times five equals 3MT.

Which equals 1,250 games to earn back the grading fees for those five Golds.

If using five 10-rated Golds, then that Games Played number goes down to 75 games (in which one earns 750MT).

I assume that a 10-rating is extremely rare and that it’s probably a huge waste to get a lot of cards rated to find 10-rated cards. So the question is: what is the premium for 10-rated cards on the AH?

Don’t imagine it pencils out well.


card grading still doesn’t do much if you think about it…

i’ve seen not even 5 total 10 graded cards, and the mt bonus isn’t too significant in itself, and then you take into account that they lowered the multiplier for difficulty… and even advertised a new mode where you don’t get mt in the game because you don’t pay for contracts…. lol

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It doesn’t appear that the multiplier bonus is enough to recoup the cost of having to either buy highly-rated cards on the AH or “find” them through grading a ton of cards.

But if one were lucky enough to grade a bunch of cards that one can use for offline challenges/Dom, and one were so lucky as to get 10’s, then it could end up being a nice boost.

That’s a lot of if’s that are like “if I get lucky, maybe spending 100K MT on packs will make me MT.”

tons of ifs… but if you look outside of making mt it’s a pretty cool concept… once you dive in it’s point less but i like the addition personally

I’m opposite and the whole pretending that digital cards are physical ones thing makes me :roll_eyes:.

I’ve never even looked at MyTeam as something about card collecting.

But that’s me.


i agree i’m not really a card collector either but if i had a choice i’d take a 10 psa over plaine jane lol

I am not playing this mode this edition outside of maybe draft so I just sent 20 cards for grading to see what would happen. There is a 15% discount on cost for sending a group of 10 at the same time. Card color also seems to affect time spent grading. My first bunch was 2 amethysts, 1 ruby, 6 emeralds, and 1 gold and that took 2 hours compared to 20 minutes for 10 golds.

Here were the results for the first group:

Card Collection Rating Grade
Calvin Murphy Base 90 9.00
Rick Barry Base 90 7.00
Marc Gasol Base 88 9.25
Rashard Lewis Base 81 7.00
Joel Embiid Base 81 9.00
Kevin Durant Base 81 8.00
Carmelo Anthony Base 81 8.00
Damon Stoudamire Base 81 9.50
Rex Chapman Base 81 7.00
Bradley Beal Base 75 9.00

Here were the results for the second group:

Card Collection Rating Grade
Calbert Cheaney Base 77 9.50
Andre Miller Base 77 9.25
Brandon Ingram Base 77 7.00
Eddie Jones Base 77 9.25
Brendan Haywood Base 77 7.00
Marcus Smart Base 76 7.00
Greg Oden Base 76 9.00
Mark Madsen Base 73 9.50
Danilo Gallinari Base 73 7.00
Sam Vincent Base 72 7.00
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Funny un-acknowledged thing is: how can 2K get away with selling us packs of cards that only rate a 7.0 right after opening?

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I got diamond Shaq thinking of grading him before reselling anyone has any clue how long that wall take???