Card giveaway on nintendo switch

If you play on Nintendo Switch then I will be doing a giveaway for some cards. They might not be DM amazing but they are pretty good and we can try to figure things out. I will choose randomly who gets what throw google number generator. To be entered in just say… Can I have a free card @Mystic.


I have xbox

I’ll take them if nobody else does so
Can I have a free card @Mystic

I don’t think you would need a generator for Switch :cold_face:

Wydm? How would I get my cards to him? Could you help me with Ideas?

Sell cards, giveaway the mt. Safer.

How do I giveaway Mt?

Buyer will put a card in ah, give you details spesific start - bin price etc you’ll find & buy it :slight_smile:

Im Broke on MT…

That’s why you need to sell the cards you wanna give.

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Tysm man… RESPECT.

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If you don’t get any takers. My two sons play on switch and their teams need help lol. Can I get a card @Mystic

Can I have a free card @Mystic

@Mystic get @Rxl3305 @Dzey the cards I don’t need them


Ok that is very kind of you.