Card count 2k21

So I just spent like 330k mt to get my card count to 620. At least I got at least 10-12 card in every current collection.

Made me wondering fat along are y’all?

I’ve been playing the game naturally and I’m only bout 21 stars into Dom but I’m at 185 cards, the collector level lillard looking nice but I’m kinda bummed they just threw the whole collector level rewards out the window


I was too but I like collecting cards so I just said f it and spent all my MT lol

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Ive been selling any card i dont use and banking the mt on players ill be using.
I hit goat collector in 2k20 in august, but feel 2k the power creep will be nuts once the season starts again.


I collected all badges today that are available.
68 bronce / silver / gold i think.
I keep the bronce and sell or use the others on players. Finished about 7 NBA 20 sets cheap.

I like collecting too and it hurts to sell the cards i like because they will be outdated soon. Always a personal drama.

I don’t play online much not til I finish Dom, challenges and TTOffline so it’s pretty easy to make mt while grinding it lol but I just rather have a full collection than one super card

700 cards so far

im around 350-400 but i resell alot of the challenge cards and stuff. this morning i sold emerald peja for 10k mt



1192 wtfff lol is that like all the cards u can get? I just got some more cards (sold off some high value) and now I’m at 752 ish I believe

There’s 30 auctionable cards I’m still missing. 10 coaches, 1 playbook, 3 jerseys, 16 players


Do work sir!

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That’s wild lol how much MT do u think you have spent?

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Not sure I was going to keep track this year but they nerfed the collection rewards

Forreal the jump from 500 cards to 2000 cards is ridiculous like not even 10 tokens lol

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Halfway through all time dom and I’m at 485

Managed to get my card count up to 1088…finish all current collections, still prob got between like 30-50 courts n playbooks, and maybe 20-30 ish jerseys…then some random promo packs that I’ll prob never work on lol

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i have 300 from dom cards and a few current cards that im waiting to go up


So I just got to 500 cards. Should I sell now. I dont want to lock anything in. I dont feel it’s worth it. Is it worth getting more cards tho?