Card Collectors: What cards are you investing in?

So I’ve bought roughly maybe 10 boxes if not less this year of packs, and pulled like 5-6 at least hoops Zions or more I think, and 1 Emergent Prizm one as well. I’m likely investing in the rookies more as the years go by now.
Ja morant is also one I have been collecting too and alone I know I have over 10 that I’m keeping for a few years. I have at least 6-7 hoops, 2 regular and like 4-5 of the tribute ones, plus got class of 2020, the draft contenders one and a memorabilia from t

Its a gamble but I think the investment will pay off.

Prices are already crazy now so I’m buying one more box still and a few donruss packs before they do go up to like 400 lmao.

Anyways what are you collecting?

Personally I invest in baseball cards. I usually buy one box of Museum Collection a year since it’s so expensive, but yeah it’s a big gamble. I’ve blown a lot of money on them but imo it’s definitely worth it. I have 3 cards that are worth about 2000 altogether and several rookie Yelich autographs worth about 450 a piece. Always been a hobby of mine and the joy of it hasn’t died yet :grinning:

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My Luka Silver Prizm is worth about 1000 or more right now and they were like 250 or so a few months back I think?
Pulled out of a box myself lol.

The Ja and Zions will be worth a bit for sure

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It’s awesome when you pull them! I’ve honestly never bought a card by itself, normally just get lucky with boxes. When these players eventually retire and most likely get inducted into the HOF, the prices will really rise. It’s just the waiting part that will take the longest. My best pull I didn’t even pay for…I had a gift card lmao.

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He’s talking about cards that have real. Value, not some BS cyber card that won’t be worth shit in 3 months.

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