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@508G37 why are Boston fans dumb for hating Kyrie, interested to hear your POV

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Because hes the best player we’ll have in a while. I know he starting acting and playing dumb but clearly he was frustrated all season. I think everyone needs to just write this yr off. Kyrie was really good overall as a celtic

Kyresigning in Boston

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“christmas came early”

Modells bomb

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  1. Where do you think his frustration stems from ?

  2. Do you think Kyrie can be the #1 option on a championship team ?

  1. I think it stems from the disconnect that this team seems to have. I think guys like Brown and Rozier dont know their role and believe their all stars which makes them feel themselves. I think Brad having no sack and starting Hayward when he looks like a deer in headlights was frustrating

  2. Depends on the system and the personel. I think we had a good plan but it didnt work out as well as it sounded on paper. It would be alot easier if he had a legitimate all star teammate like AD or Kawhi who Danny Ainge confusingly passed on.

“Love at first sight”

if he leaves or not im still gon fuck with him. but i hope he dont go to la

this year was horrible though we had high expectations cause of last year but the east was fuccing garbage. giving hayward that many touches was fuccing stupid

Liked Kyrie before he came wasn’t necessarily a huge fan but I’m ready to watch him walk. If you’re a leader you show up in big moments. This man folded the whole last series under the pressure of the moment and the city. He played the diva role all year off the court and the “I’ll be back if you’ll have me line” makes it seem like his word means nothing if he leaves anyways. Do I think the media was tougher on him than they should’ve been? Sure, but it’s Boston where every other sports team was in the championship recently.

literally every team this year lmao, which sucks cause i like the celtics more than any of our other teams